"School Library Program Health and Wellness Toolkit" - great resource for getting started! www.ala.org Advocacy The time to deal with library programs cuts is before they happen or before they are even a possibility. This toolkit provides resources to help you build stakeholder support and true advocacy. It supports your proactive efforts to keep your library program healthy as you work to build the program and to prevent cuts.This toolkit provides resources to help you build stakeholder support and true advocacy. It supports your proactive efforts to keep your library program healthy as you work to build the program and to prevent cuts.
Most stakeholders are concerned primarily about student success and well being. Consider polling your stakeholders to determine their greatest priority.
Consider standardized test scores, pretest data from teachers, perception data, and things like TELL survey data and school report cards
Resources for School Librarians: View sample mission statements, get info about SMART action plans, and explore resources for action resources. www.sldirectory.com Defining a mission for a school library, planning how to achieve the mission, doing action research, and preparing an annual report
Create stakeholder surveys to find out what resources and programs students, teachers and administrators would like to see.
Create rubrics in collaboration with teachers to monitor student progress. Check out examples from Washington www.google.com
Crafting your Message - learn about talking points and grocery store talks! www.ala.org 1. Think about your goal and objectives. What are the most important words and ideas that emerged?
Hear Jennifer LaGarde with "Show Me The Data" - the archived webinar on TL Virtual Cafe. Click on "Click here for Webinar Archive" then follow the two steps ("Get Required Software" and "Start Session") to access the archived video. tlvirtualcafe.wikispaces.com TL Virtual Cafe - Library_Data
Developing a Vision and Mission Statement - ASCD resources www.ascd.org Developing a Vision and a Mission
"Message Design, Branding, and the Library's Story" by Annette Lamb, Eduscapes Details different marketing strategies and branding techniques. Links on the left give many more ideas! eduscapes.com Marketing for Libraries
"Publicity" by Annette Lamb, Eduscapes - provides a great overview of all the ways you can communicate to your audience including: bookmarks, images, and comics with lots of tools to use. eduscapes.com Marketing for Libraries
Learn how to use Piktochart in a series of how-to videos piktochart.com Video Tutorials for everything you need to know about using Piktochart is now live. Jump start your learning experience - begin with our YouTube playlist.
"Flipboard for Educators", Inside Flipboard - lots of ideas for how to use and share info with stakeholders inside.flipboard.com As students and teachers head back to school all over the country, we wanted to share some ideas on how Flipboard can be helpful this school year. Since the launch of Flipboard 2.0 this past spring, our readers can collect articles and turn them into shareable magazines. We’ve found that educators are doing this a
"The Care and Feeding of Your Blog" - Sue Waters, TL Virtual Cafe Webinar tlvirtualcafe.wikispaces.com TL Virtual Cafe - Sue_Waters
"Rock Star Advocacy: Proving Your Worth in Tough Times", Jennifer LaGarde, TL Virtual Cafe, Webinar tlvirtualcafe.wikispaces.com TL Virtual Cafe - rockstar_advocacy
"Level Up Your Blog: Taking your Blog to the Next Level", Gwyneth Jones, TL Virtual Cafe - Webinar - click on the blackboard archive tlvirtualcafe.wikispaces.com TL Virtual Cafe - LeveUp_Blog
"7 Ways to Use Canva to Create Compelling Graphics" by Cool Cat Teacher, Vicki Davis - great ideas for sharing photos of things happening in the library, quotes and graphic elements www.coolcatteacher.com
"What's your Twitter Formula", Gwyenth Jones, The Daring Librarian - learn about - advice on keeping it positive and what to tweet about. www.thedaringlibrarian.com Twitter: Professional or Personal? When I speak to groups, I often talk about how I use Twitter as my main source of rich professional d...
"Smore: Make online fliers for your library for free", Librarians on the Fly. Includes overview with pictures. librariansonthefly.blogspot.com I just discovered SMORE today.  WOW.  You can easily create an online flyer for free.  Of course, like most online services, you can upgrade...
Learn how to use Publisher to send an email newsletter from Microsoft. office.microsoft.com Make and send an email newsletter to communicate with your customers, employees, family, or friends. Create a newsletter template for consistent branding for all of your newsletters.
Check out our presentation here<br /> learninprogress.blogspot.com As school librarians we wear many hats: book guru, manager, technology leader, instructional partner, research guide, and our very own publi...