The launch of the Connected Courses is another in a series of "learning nodes" that bring people together to think and create. Active Co-Learning in Higher-Ed
"The tech only brings home the humanity of our connection. The awe is that we are at all." Here is a bunch of stuff inspired by Simon Ensor’s connection in the wee early hours, our ‘clavier picnic’.   Here is a poem, remixable as you will: View Camping with Simon a…
Terry builds a multimedia version of his idea Do let us. Yes, do. An invocation for a new dawning awe.
"Awake to complexity of silence. " Dawn rises. Awake to complexity of silence. Stay dumb, stay mute, stay still. No words. No words, my friends. We await ou...
"Life streams on" Listen: Life streams on; Stars resist the darkness with light flickering from above. No words, only the faint catching of breath in song as we awake to the complexities of silence. Stay still and keep your heart bound in awe, filled with the fires stretching into shadows, safe here in the silence of friends; The dawn augers well with words not yet spoken. -- a found poem remix of Simon's poem ( A friendly found poem remix of Simon's poem
"We sing a song" Today's reading: --Explicating self and connections (and perception of online clique-ish-ness, or click-ish-ness?) ( Maha Bali ) "
Terry mixes and meshes our ideas together. Shout out, cast out, cut out, far out, "out, out--" Hallelujah to ya

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