Welcome to the Mission Control for LT 1.1. If you are interested in Leveling Up, you'll need to write rules to describe arithmetic and geometric patterns (handouts 1B and 1E). Be sure to include both recursive and explicit rules.
Try out your skills writing a rule to go with the pattern linked below. Can you write a recursive and an explicit rule? www.visualpatterns.org
Here is your Top Level Task Description in case you missed it in class: drive.google.com 1A - Patterns Top Level Task.pdf
Handout 1B - We completed this activity as a class. If you missed it, you should print from here and complete it as soon as possible. drive.google.com 1B - Modeling Hydrocarbons.pdf
Are you still not sure what recursive and explicit rules refer to? Handout 1C is for you! drive.google.com 1C - Recursive and Explicit Rules.pdf
This is Handout 1E, your first look at a geometric sequence. drive.google.com 1E - Double Your Money.pdf
Practice for the Level 3 Task by creating an arithmetic sequence and writing recursive and explicit rules for it.
Need help writing explicit rules for arithmetic sequences? youtu.be For more videos and interactive applets, please visit http://www.MathVillage.info Learn how to write a formula for finding the nth term when given an arithme...
What is a recursive rule? Here's a quick and simple definition (including notation). www.regentsprep.org Regentsprep.org
Notice: The Level 2 practice and quiz tasks DO NOT always cover every aspect of a Learning Target. Some pieces are only covered in Level 1 Missions and Level 3 Tasks.
Are you holding on to a great piece of work and not sharing it? If so, head over to The Classroom and share it! If not, use a camera to snap a picture of one and then share. classroom.google.com Sign in - Google Accounts
Want to go deeper with geometric sequences? Check out this link and learn how to write an explicit rule! www.regentsprep.org Regentsprep.org

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