Content Knowledge + Pedagogical Knowledge + Technological Pedagogical Knowledge = The TPACK Sweet Spot
TPACK Cheat Sheet TPACK - Technology, Pedagogy, and Content Knowledge What do I want my students to learn? | Content Knowledge What method am I going to use? | Pedagogical Knowledge What digital tools & resources are the best partners? | Technology Knowledge TPACK Resources All Things TPACK ...
Search Twitter for TPACK شاهِد التغريدات حول #tpack على تويتر. شاهِد ما يقوله الناس وانضم للمحادثة.
TPACK in Two Minutes A quick snapshot of the TPACK model for content, pedagogy, and technology integration.
More on TPACK Technological, Pedagogical and Content Knowledge The Technology, Pedagogy and Content Knowledge model or TPACK for short has been around for some time. It builds upon the work of Lee Shulman and ex…

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