Students (or in this case, teachers!) move a dot to vote. The results for the entire class can be shown to engage students in a debate, encourage consideration of multiple perspectives, & encourage the sharing of rationale. View poll
Send the same poll to parents and students and then compare generational viewpoints. Cursive Handwriting Debate
Use pre- and post-surveys to monitor progress towards student and class goals.
Students use their Google accounts to create infographics. The Impact of Early Agriculture | Piktochart Visual Editor
Students create storyboards as the pre-writing step of personal narratives. Start storyboarding now with hundreds of default images, and over 45,000 images in search.
Students create a synectics poster using Google Drive to demonstrate synthesis of new learning.
Check out these ideas for engaging students in the Kahoot-creation process. Kahoot! Journal
Provide an online forum for students to publish constructed responses, book talks, their own poetry, etc. KidBlog provides a great class portfolio of year-long learning! Kidblog | Safe and simple blogs for your students.
Edmodo provides another great forum for students to publish their thinking. Students use their district log in information to access.
Click "create" on Google Drive and then "connect more apps" to add "Templates" to Google Drive. Access both public and LPS templates to share with students for publishing purposes.
Students chart progress on Wonders weekly assessments and determine personal goals for improvement.
Students track how their thinking changes or evolves as they collect text evidence.
Students keep a digital book log for independent reading.
Sell students on the topic they will learn the next day with a flipped classroom video or screencast. Ask students to post initial opinions on Edmodo, Padlet, or your class blog. Shared from
Use the Google "Add-on" Kaizena to provide feedback that encourages students to expand their thinking. Give your students fast, high quality feedback on their work. Record voice comments to convey emotion, embed videos to explain complex concepts, and track skills
Expand expectations for the entire class with a feedback screencast. Shared from
Encourage students to involve family members in helping them expand their writing with screencast feedback. Shared from
Create online flashcards. Online Flashcards
Formatively assess with Google Form quizzes. Mix it up and ask students to identify the errors.
Use TodaysMeet to engage students in conversation during a common activity. TodaysMeet - Give everyone a voice
Students post ideas using online sticky notes. From your hobby to your career, your class notes to your final exam, your mood board to your runway show, padlets help you organize your life.
Students post their ideas to the class Edmodo page.
Sell students on the importance of their ideas and writing by allowing them to publish online using KidBlog. Kidblog | Safe and simple blogs for your students.