Updated CLMOOC Constellation Chart
CORVUS COGITANDUM (part one) In the beginning all children were curious about the world around them. They explored with all their senses, and developed great knowledge and understanding. They were surrounded by supportive adults and older children who encouraged them, and gently guided them. Then, a pseudo-wise man declared, "Ah, I have a better idea. Let us treat all children identically, and seat them in rows, and impart knowledge by droning on for hours." And, it was so. Initially, the pseudo-wise man's plan worked well. Children grew up with a common understanding of events, and dates, and formulas. The identical graduates marched off to their identical jobs in identical places of employment. The sky was dark. Then, one day, the rebel RAVEN plopped himself in the midst of a chemistry classroom. "What IS this?" He squawked. "Where is imagination, and creativity, and individuality?" He grabbed the mound of phosphorous resting on the teacher's desk, exploded through the roof, scattering the material in the sky. Thus began the first light of the stars.
CORVUS COGITANDUM (part two) The next day, many people discussed this startling event. Some of them, despite the naysaying tongues, began to nod their heads, and to think more about the light. The illumination created cheeriness and positive energy, and they wondered how to ignite it even further. So, they gathered the children, and led them to the maker lab. The children began combining all sorts of materials and ideas. Some of these experiments resulted in big explosions, and dust all around. Some fizzled into forgotten-ness. But, one day, a group was inspired to create a great ball of gases. RAVEN carried it high into the sky, and the sun began to illuminate each part of the earth for half of the day. Some makers were frustrated, as they wanted some form of brightness for those middle-of-the-night hours when their tinkering powers were at their peak. So, they created an object that could reflect the sun. RAVEN carried to the heavens, and placed it in just the right location. Thus, the moon was born. More and more people saw the light, both adults and children, and began imagining creations of their own. RAVEN visited these brave, hearty souls and soared into the heavens with their inventions of galaxies, and black holes, and dark energy. Some of the boldest souls gathered together to participate in #CLMOOC, where all are connected. No idea is too large or too small, and LIGHT abounds.
RUBRA CHICOANSUS Rubra Chicoansus came to be one hot summer evening when the sun was on the verge of sinking into the Sacramento River. The fish were jumping, frightened of the flaming red sky, certain of their imminent demise. They shouted out to the Kildeer on the banks, begging for them to do something to stop its progress. these tiny birds were friendly enough, but powerless before the fiery sky. At the last minute, just before the sky and the water merged, a giant band of river pelicans flew along the river, squawking and yelling. They announced that they'd made a deal! The sky would resist burning up the water, but every month, when the moon was dark, there would be two vivid red stars in the sky above the river, reminding all the river denizens of the power of the water and the sky in unison. The star would be called Rubra Chicoansus.
Pente adelphia (5 sisters) michaelsweller.wordpress.com Below is my origin story for the constellation Pente Aldephia, or 5 Sisters.  The “sources,” including the Oklahoma Classical Compendium, are either invented or re-imagined to create a …
THREE BROWN DOTS Long ago when we people struggled for survival, we found a friend in the wolf. Yes, often he tagged along as we hunted, waiting for what we left, but soon we discovered that in the morning the fearsome creature left tracks to the new trails of the herd we followed. And soon our relationship grew, each helping the other feed our families. Around the fire at night, we would see their eyes out in the tall grass or peeking by the pine. The children would throw scraps to them, and soon they moved in closer, but not too close. One day, our small one slept under the stars, and when she opened her eyes in the morning, there, a few feet from her, lay a small pup, his head facing her, nose pointing to her as its head rested between its front paws. Brown eyes blinked. “Three brown dots,” she called out. The pup’s tail curled up, but all else did not move. “Three brown dots, she called again, and tossed a scrap of dried meat to the pup. And so it was, “Three Brown Dots” and the child became friends, keeping their distance, but knowing each other. Many moons later as the child became a woman, her friend did not return one morning, and so after days, our people mourned the loss of our “Three Brown Dots.” As we told the story, the young woman looked into the sky and saw there in the southern sky, three twinkling brown stars. And soon she saw her friend, walking in the sky, looking down at her, tail curled.
CLMOOCIUS SPELLEDOUTIUS In the north sky, in mid July of 2014, the giant Makers of the Universe gathered together and noticed that on the small planet below, the Earthians had relied so much on consuming that they had forgotten creating. The Makers of the Universe decided to send a sign to the Earthians, something to remember that their hands were designed to make things and their minds were designed to invent things and solve problems, and the #CLMOOC constellation was born. The Makers of the Universe moved the stars into a cluster, confident that with the light of the CLMOOC shining down on the planet, a movement would be born and inspiration would be found. And it was so.
STEINERUS CONFICIENS DOCTRINA When the Great Power blew a breath across the expanse, the particles scattered to find the place that was softly, sweetly, calling each by name. Some, agitated by the movement, shuddered and skated in the void, bumping into specks and bits before blasting apart. Others, invigorated by the winds of change stretched to ride the wave as long as possible. Those who opened their ears to hear the call of place glided gently into a soothing orbit of transformation. One renegade, who had edged to the pinnacle just before the breath, flashed with the exhilaration of the new and undiscovered. For 'experiential' was the cradle in which the new light's knowledge began to grow. With each illumination from another star, this one grew brighter. As the luminosity grew, reaching stars at greater and greater distances, the void filled with the beauty of light.
CURATIO ADURO When the earth was young, the woman lay there, writhing in pain. She begged the gods for relief. Her people called for the healer. When he arrived, he bent down and lifted her gently, supporting her as they began the healing journey. He led her to the warm springs, and gently dipped her into the steaming water, hoping to coax the pain from her body. The pain continued to grip her. Next, they roamed through the dry, arid desert, searching for herbs in order to make a poultice that would ease her discomfort. He covered her skin with his mixture of healing plants, calling on the gods again for comfort to fill this woman. They continued the search, traveling for days on end, hoping that the answer would soon be revealed. They soon came upon a small flame rising from the ground. As they got closer, the fire grew, throwing shadows and light here and there. The healer laid the woman gently on the ground, whispering to her that he had found the answer. He cupped his hands, capturing the light, and carried it to his charge. He lifted his arms and threw the light up into the air. The light exploded into sparks that twisted and turned, dipped and dove, and whipped across the woman’s body. As the sparks brushed past her, the pain began to uncoil, loosening its grip on her. Healing energy coursed through her body, freeing her from the agony that had consumed her. She awoke from her pain-filled daze, rose to her feet and captured the healing light into her own outstretched hands. She bowed to the healer, showing her gratitude for his unrelenting quest. She returned to her people, bringing the healing light with her. When she arrived back to her tribe, she threw her arms into the air, scattering the light into the sky. The lights remained as a reminder to the people of the healing journey and the knowledge that comfort was waiting for them.
PANTHERA AETHRA A clear cold night closed in as we prepared to brave it. The car had gotten stuck in a snow drift. Thankfully, the snow had finally stopped, but we were still stranded. Bob and I had begun this adventure to rekindle – how ironic that we found ourselves in a snow laden crystal wasteland, quite literally cold as ice. How would we “spark” in this predicament? (follow link to read the story) wordpathwalker.blogspot.com Make Cycle #5 in the #CLMOOC is Light.   +Kevin Hodgson  offered an invitation to participate in an experiment of designing our own constell...
PETRA ET VOLUMEN CAELI This is a relatively new constellation, with the largest of the stars appearing around 1959 and can be viewed year round from the northern hemisphere. New stars appear periodically and with varying colors; some are red, most are white, and some are blue. Astronomers the world over get the strangest sensation when viewing Petra et volumen caeli. They have reported hearing music through vibrations in their telescopes. How is this possible? One theorist believes that the souls of all dead musicians live in this constellation, and so it is aptly nicknamed Rock and Roll Heaven.
MALUM SERPENTUS Harry flashed his wand one last time, a pulse of red light spurring across the shattered landscape of the decimated commons of Hogwarts. Once gloating, Voldemort now stood in stunned silence as the strike hit its mark. Slowly he began to dissolve, white hot ash breaking from his body like heavy snowflakes that rose into the night sky. The wizards, young and old, gathered in the commons and watched as pieces of Voldemort’s essence continued to drift skyward until one piece at a time clung to the dark sky forming a snake, a red star at the tip of its snout. Generations passed but the story was told throughout, how Harry Potter defeated the evil Voldemort; the snake a reminder to all that evil exists in this world but good can overcome it. The red star in particular, while revered by the Slitherin house to this day, reminds most of the red light of the Elder Wand that destroyed the great nemesis of the wizard world
Strovilízontai, a memorial Okeano, swirling river, soothing and terrifying source, I baptize the East in Thee-- to mark the loss, to scar the sky, beg never to be filled.
Hear the sound of this map, converted into sound waves. soundcloud.com This what an image of the star chart looks like when converted into an audio file

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