Pondsmith Park, Pondsmith Residential (Houses & Duplexes,...
Pondsmith Park
Pondsmith Residential (Houses & Duplexes, x3 rent)
Pond Hall Apartments (Apartments & Condos, x3 rent)
Pondsmith Park Police Checkpoint fc09.deviantart.net
NC-Gen Research Aquarium fc03.deviantart.net
Luxury Beach Cabin (Luxury Hotel, 500 eurodollars per night, 6 bedrooms, full bar & kitchen, hot tub & sauna) fc03.deviantart.net
Shipwreck Bay fc02.deviantart.net
Infocomp Secure Data Facility fc01.deviantart.net
Sandalwood Bakery (Real Food, Fresh Bread) fc07.deviantart.net
Pondsmith YMCA

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