Classwork Hall of Fame
A great common craft style video on the Life of Karl Marx. This is the life story of Karl Marx.
This assignment could have been a simple Venn diagram, but instead Nikki produced this RSA style epic. At nearly 40,000 views it is a perfect example of how class work can reach a broad audience. via YouTube Capture This video was made by a 14-year-old freshman in high school student for a class history project
Created by a student who though quiet in class, was very expressive in her work, this video set a high bar for Photo essay style videos. Philosophers
This video makes the list because of how creative the students were trying to represent the life of Adam Smith, but also how excited to share it the students were. They were proud of it and the rest of the class was proud with them. Adam Smith Life and Beliefs - YouTube
Created by a student with an immense love for music, this project had students cheering and clapping when it was presented. When it was presented I completely at a loss for words. A student project to explain the ideas of the philosophers of the industrial revolution. Students can choose traditional ways to demonstrate learning or more creative means. This student chose to wr
Again, rather than a simple venn diagram, this student wanted to try stop motion video. The result was this effective moving Venn that received applause from class. Public viewing version
What is it that you and your class celebrate? What things do you applaud, cheer and congratulate. Here are projects that have gone above and beyond to raise the bar and redefine excellence. Dignitas, Amplitudo et Gravitas.
This group project took source evaluation and identification of bias to new levels. The student narrating who spoke softly in class finds a powerful voice in this presentation.
This group project was an example of students taking a risk and ignoring a suggested format in order to do their own thing. The focused on the specifics of language and word choice. rather than write a paper or do a video they did a Google Presentation that conveyed their learning powerfully. Biases in the World History Textbook By: Emily N, Maddie S, and Ally C
This project went above and beyond in order to present content and learning in a form that the student loved. She was an artist and though she could have done a simpler project she instead created 7 individual sculptures. She fought my "electronic only" requirement which led me to rethink the limits i arbitrarily placed on student expression of learning. Industrial Philosophers-Sculpted Heads
This student had a vision of what she wanted her project to be. She used interviews, created graphics and add music and created a dynamic script. The economic views of Adam Smith and Karl Marx are briefly discussed.
This project demonstrated the idea of equality and how the institutions of government can act to defend it. The visuals were great, but it also uses aa story to convey the idea. I love it. YouTube
This student interpreted this assignment in a new and unique way that i realized was better than what I assigned. His interpretation became the assignment that I give to my classes ever since. He identified a problem he was passionate about and then explained what the three branches of government can do to make it better. Well Done Brett. As an outdoorsman, I have been able to experience our nations illustrious surroundings more than I can count, which has developed in me a strong urge to prot...

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