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Tip for getting your foot into the door for coaching: "I'd love to learn more about what you are doing -- can I take it and add some tech later to it and teach it to your class?" --@NathanHutchings
My notes came from various sources, my own knowledge, and a lot of great tips from @NathanHutchings & tools from @NikkiDrobertson and others who attended the session, but unfortunately I didn't catch all their names. http://genazzano.vic.edu.au/learning--teaching-1/ict-at-genazzano
LMS -- pick one (or more) that suits them -- The goal for first year is getting content onto their LMS (while learning how to use LMS) -- The second layer is having students engage in content from the LMS.
www.blendspace.com Blendspace allows educators to blend their classroom with digital content.
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Also explore making videos (3 minute snippets) for kids to pre-view or reflect on content with-in class (as a rotation, or a mindset). Some quick win tools for this: *Screenr *Screencastomatic *Google handouts -- & record from there *Blendspace --> Start with teacher creating them; but then give control over to students so they create them. SAVE the best one(s).