1-to-1 ISTE #HackEd2014 Notes by Tracy Watanabe
www.aitsl.edu.au Description of the page
Tip for getting your foot into the door for coaching: "I'd love to learn more about what you are doing -- can I take it and add some tech later to it and teach it to your class?" --@NathanHutchings
My notes came from various sources, my own knowledge, and a lot of great tips from @NathanHutchings & tools from @NikkiDrobertson and others who attended the session, but unfortunately I didn't catch all their names. http://genazzano.vic.edu.au/learning--teaching-1/ict-at-genazzano
LMS -- pick one (or more) that suits them -- The goal for first year is getting content onto their LMS (while learning how to use LMS) -- The second layer is having students engage in content from the LMS.
www.blendspace.com Blendspace allows educators to blend their classroom with digital content.
schoolbox.com.au School learning management system (LMS), community portal software, and engagement platform for K-12 schools.
Also explore making videos (3 minute snippets) for kids to pre-view or reflect on content with-in class (as a rotation, or a mindset). Some quick win tools for this: *Screenr *Screencastomatic *Google handouts -- & record from there *Blendspace --> Start with teacher creating them; but then give control over to students so they create them. SAVE the best one(s).

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