Source of Image; CC2.0 @dajbelshaw To accompany a live session to celebrate the launch of Doug Belshaw's new e-book. Find further details about the book at!
Doug Belshaw Book The Elements of Digital Literacies What are ‘digital literacies’? Why are they important? How can I develop them both personally and in other people?
How do the 8 elements connect to connected learning principles? The current of learning and teaching today. Created and curated by community members.
Learning Principles
Design: Openly-Networked opens contexts of many cultures. Learning: interests of participants;
Design: Shared purpose in solving issues and production-centered to create Learning: Academically-oriented, connecting thinking, process, product, collaborative, and coummunicative skills
Design: Production-centered Learning: Academically-oriented in inquiry and interests supported by peers as well as teachers/leaders
Design: A shared purpose on a product needs communication skills Learning: Working with language and media and relationships for academic and interest with peers Values: Social connections and full participation -- voices are heard.
Design: Shared purpose builds confidence Learning: Peer support offers feedback for confidence Values: Social connections builds participation into a community and builds confidence; With equity, barriers fall and confidence rises
Design: Openly networked information and community encourages more ideas and more creativity in the shared purposes Learning: Academic inquiry to eliminates the boxed answers and energizes opportunities for creativity Values: Equity in involvement; voice for all ideas
Design: Openly networked for many resources and feedback for critical work Learning: Expectation for academic orientation to valid and accurate products Value: Social connection for critique, revision, remix
Design: openly networked production centered for considering real-world issues Learning: academic orientation to inquiry for local or global issues with peer support based on interests Values: Full participation through social connections; equity in that participation

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