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adult handwriting www.theguardian.com Many of us are so used to typing that our handwriting can be illegible. Here's how to find your flow again
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#PenATweet teachertoolkit.me A few weeks ago I posted an article exploring some issues around The importance of #handwriting. It stirred up a huge amount of interest from teachers across the world. This is part 2 of a 3-blog follow-up to my original article ... Background: In a BBC News article, the art of handwriting has been under scrutiny after new figures show that two-thirds of teachers admit not giving students the marks they deserve because of poor writing. "... electronic methods of communicating - email, Twitter, Facebook - have more or less replaced the need for pen and ink. Most of us today don't even sign cheques, and legal documents are just as valid online as they are in print." (Can signatures survive the digital age?) Looking back to when I first posted this photograph on Twitter, a huge number of readers started to do the same. This raised some very important issues  - surprisingly - about learning to write. Thinking about handwriting "As interactive technology becomes ubiquitous around the
@TeacherToolkit teachertoolkit.me I was recently forwarded an article that looks at the importance of handwriting during a time when digital platforms are increasingly taking precedent. It says: "that handwriting still forms a unique part of our culture and identity." Background: As an adult, my own handwriting has always been appalling and I know this is unacceptable as a teacher of literacy. Dare I say, when handwriting school reports (only a few years ago) my handwriting was still improving before the digital-era took over! However, handwriting will always remain when marking books and writing on the chalk-face. And if I wasn't a teacher, would I still place as much importance on handwriting as an adult? I have no idea why my handwriting has always been so poor, but I remember distinctly growing up as a child in Scotland, trying to 'get to grips' with the pen to find the most suitable and comfortable hold to use. My 'holding technique' had to evolve rapidly, as writing was of course a major requirement in school,
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