Stout Shout Out: 1st graders LOVED publishing their books with Story Jumper! I suggest creating an account for each individual student. StoryJumper
Stout Shout Out: I LOVE this app for primary students! It also has the option of recording voice in the story. I invested in the paid iPad app to have more options.
Stout Shout Out: Storyboard That is great for creating story maps or giving step-by-step directions. You really have to buy the education edition to use what you create, but it is relatively inexpensive. Storyboard That
Stout Shout Out: Great intro to publishing! Students who love structure and struggle with story ideas love storybird. I have always found the free version enough in the classroom. Storybird
Stout Shout Out: There are some really cool templates in Comic Life 3 like a newspaper layout, how-to instructions, and much more! However, the format it saves in can only be opened in Comic Life. You can take a screen shot to make it easier to share. DCSD pays for this program. Comic Life
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Stout Shout Out: Narrable is the perfect choice when you don't want students to spend a lot of time on publishing their story. It's great for differentiation too--students that struggle find it easier to use, but it still produces a nice looking product. I recommend buying the class version (from your classroom budget, not your pocket. It's a yearly subscription).
Stout Shout Out: This is one of my favorite apps, but recently they made the character customizations a paid feature, which was really disappointing.
Stout Shout Out: A great, free, kid-friendly app for making pictures talk. My new favorite! There is a ChatterPix Kids version that has slightly fewer options. I like more options, and they won't get in the way for kids. Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about ChatterPix - by Duck Duck Moose. Download ChatterPix - by Duck Duck Moose and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Stout Shout Out: This is a new app, so I don't have much experience with it yet, but it looks like it has great potential! Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Adobe Spark Video. Download Adobe Spark Video and enjoy it on your Apple TV.
Stout Shout Out: This is one of my favorite choices for kids and teachers! It's easy to use, and the comments let them get feedback from a wider audience. I think the paid subscription is worth it! (From your classroom budget, not your own pocket. It's a yearly subscription.)
You can use my Digital Storytelling bookmarks on Symbaloo!
Graphite is an awesome site from Common Sense Media that shares lesson ideas, aligns digital content to the Common Core, and gives teacher ratings on digital media for the classroom. You can follow my digital storytelling board on graphite. I'm always adding new programs and apps as I find them!
Stout Shout Out: This is one of my favorites! I think it is worth spending the money to get characters that include Rosa Parks, Abraham Lincoln, & more! It also allows students to use pictures of their own face with a talking mouth! Puppet Pals HD
Stout Shout Out: Great tool to use with graphic organizers! It's easy to use on the iPad, and kinders were able to use it independently.
Stout Shout Out: This is one of the best apps out there and totally worth buying! Students (& teachers) can publish their own ebooks with voice, video, and words. This allows for a lot of app smashing options, so the possibilities are endless, and others can read these stories on iBooks, Nook, Edmodo & more! Book Creator
Stout Shout Out: Very motivating for 2nd graders! The paid version allowed students to record voice and have individual accounts. I would suggest this for 1st - 4th (at the highest). It may be too difficult for kinders to navigate and too "kiddish" for intermediate students unless their audience is primary students. ZooBurst
Stout Shout Out: iMovie is probably THE most versatile tool you can have! It can do almost everything in terms of digital storytelling, and it should be a central tool in every classroom. The iPad version has less frills which makes it more user friendly for younger students. iMovie
Stout Shout Out: Easy to use and great for a variety of projects! Kinders and up will find this a useful tool! Educreations
Stout Shout Out: Quick & easy way to create an iMovie-like presentation. With a structure in place, students can drop in video or pictures to make a quick video presentation. Leading media companies and brands use Videolicious to help them make videos.
Stout Shout Out: This is a really fun digital storytelling tool for kids that allows you to animate stickers while you record your voice! It is really intended for primary students, so I would be hesitant to spend money on it if your primary audience isn't K-3.
Stout Shout Out: Appealing and simple for primary students to use. A good tool for retelling stories. Sock Puppets Complete
Stout Shout Out: This is the ultimate tool to use for a flipped lesson!