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Google Drive is a single place to manage all your files, including Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, and other online Google document types. You have a Google Drive educational account through NISD. You can also have a personal account through your Gmail. You can access and share your files on any device with Internet access. youtu.be http://g.co/aboutdrive All your stuff, in one safe place. Upload the photos, videos, documents, and other files that are important to you to Google Drive. Ac...
Google Documents also known as Google docs, is an online word processing tool within Google Drive. You can produce and share files in real time. This tool is a great alternative to Microsoft Word.
Google Presentation is an online presentation tool that allows live collaboration. Through creative slides you can present topics by using text, graphics, and videos. This tool is a great alternative to PowerPoint.
Google Drive allows users to share and collaborate process. youtu.be Create and share online documents, spreadsheets and presentations. It's free. You can: 1) Access your documents online from any computer with an internet con...
Google Spread Sheets is also know as sheets. This is an awesome online spreadsheet tool that allows you to share and collaborate. This is a great alternative to Microsoft Excel.
Google forms is a unique tool that allows you to gather information, send a survey, give a quiz, or other creative options.
This is a cool tools that allows you to produce timeline, infographics, charts, graphic diagrams, and more.
The create option in Google Drive allows you to create a doc, presentation, sheet, form, or drawing. The files will be saved in your drive. It's advised you keep your files organized in folders.
The recent option in Google Drive allows you to view the most recent files that you have produced or accessed.
By clicking the share option in Google Drive you will see a list of files that have been shared with you by other users. You may have viewing and/or editing rights.
Starred items in your Google Drive are like your favorites. You can select to star a file and when you choose this option those files will appear.
Upload is a cool option in your Google Drive. You can upload Word, PowerPoint, Excel, digital images, and other files into your drive.
By clicking on My Drive a list of your folders and files that you have produced will appear.
When you delete a file it will be moved to your trash. When you click on the trash options these files will appear until you empty your trash.
Connect more apps is an exciting part of Google Drive. There are many apps that may be added to your create menu. Click on this option and explore the many additional apps.
This is an example of a Google form. goo.gl Google Form Example
This is an example of a Google presentation. docs.google.com Texas Lone Star Reading List 2014 Pike Middle School Sue Fitzgerald, Librarian
Here's a tutorial on logging into your NISD Google account. screencast-o-matic.com Google Log In
Here's an example using Google draw. docs.google.com
This is an example of a Google document. docs.google.com Mind Mapping Tools
See Mrs. Fitzgerald's Google Applications for Education Pinterest board for more information on your Google account. www.pinterest.com Ideas and information on Google Apps for Education (GAFE).
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