TPACK in 2 Minutes Created by Candace Marcotte This is a quick introduction to the dynamic framework, TPACK (Mishra & Koehler, 2006). It is not meant to be an in-depth view of the framework. For more info...
SAMR explained in 120 seconds Created by: Candace Marcotte SAMR in 120 Seconds - YouTube
When choosing apps, consider some of the following: TPACK, SAMR, curriculum, instruction assessment, student learning styles, age appropriateness, a variety of apps that allow for student choice and ownership of their learning. This checklist helped guide us in these decisions. iPad App Evaluation iPad App Evaluation Through the TPACK Lens Is this app relevant to our context? (Consider our learners - ages, needs, levels-, our teachers, our classroom set up, our vision and mission) [ ] Yes (please explain) Can this app be repurposed for use in different co...
13-14 Apple List Once you have evaluated your apps, you now want to provide your teachers, students and parents with a complete list of the apps and specifics in how they can be used in the students' learning process. Make sure you are viewing the Middle School app list. If you are on an ios device, choose the top link 6-8 MS Apps, if you are on a laptop, choose the correct tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet for the 6-8 MS Apps. Create a new spreadsheet and edit with others at the same time -- from your computer, phone or tablet. Get stuff done with or without an internet connection. Use Sheets to edit Excel files. Free from Google.
14-15 App List After our first full year piloting the 1:1 Resource Allocation, we reevaluated which apps will be installed on the student iPads. We used the instructional frameworks (TPACK and SAMR) as well as teacher and student feedback when creating the app list . This is our new list of apps that will be installed on the student iPads for the 14-15 school year. K-2 Primary Apps App Information, Sample lesson/ activity ideas, Additional Info, Grade Level, Domain App Name, Icon, Tags, Description, Cost of 20+ VPP, Codes" purchased", Bilingual, Access, Cloud Capability, If online- Website Address( specific as possible( to ensure success) the App points ...
Evaluating Apps with Transformative Use of the iPad in Mind by: Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano This article addresses and reinforces the need to look at all instructional frameworks when determining the best educational apps to use with your students. Ms. Tolisano's used content inspired by Kathy Schrock, Harry Walker and Greg Alchin based on the instructional frameworks and instructional resources that we focus on in our presentation. Exploring what other professional educators are using as the basis of their evaluation will help you develop a rich and more meaningful educational app list for your students. Langwitches, The Magic of Learning. Modern learning that transforms education in the 21st century. Finding new forms and redefining learning for the challenges of the future .
Determining workflow will be an important decision that will have a large impact on your final list of apps to be installed on your student iPads. We chose 3 apps as the hub of our workflow: Schoology, Notability and Google Docs. To learn more about workflow, go to our Schoology Course (note Schoology Course link attached to this Thinglink) to find more resources and information regarding workflow. Middle School Recc. Workflow-4.pdf
Follow us on our journey in developing and providing both in person and online professional development. We offered PD prior to deployment, PD for our teachers who participated in the 1st year pilot and teachers preparing to teach 1:1 during the 14-15 school year. We also share the summer professional development we are currently offering our staff in preparation for the new school year. Professional Development Resources - iPadeology: Staff and Student Resources for iPad Deployment
Student Handbook: This document contains the District #34 agreement that both students and parents must sign prior to receiving their iPad. iPad One-to-One Rules and Regulations- .pdf
iSucceed Course iDiscover, iExplore, iCreate, iOrganize, iReflect, iShare iSUCCEED
We gave this short presentation to our students just prior to distributing the iPads to review expectations. Welcome to the Middle School 1:1 iPad Pilot! “With great power there must also come-- great responsibility” - Stan Lee Teacher Notes: Being a part of the pilot means that you are the first middle school students to have the 1:1 experience. This is special, but it comes with a lot of responsibilit...
This is an ongoing blog created by our current Attea 1:1 teachers. The purpose of the blog is to share information with our staff who are not yet part of the 1:1 Resource Allocation program. The blog includes examples of how the iPads are being used in instruction, quick troubleshooting tips, success stories and "aha" moments. Attea Middle School Innovation Blog
In addition to embedded professional development, check out these other professional development opportunities that are offered to Springman teachers. Ten Minute Tech Bytes and Thinker Thursdays are coming your way! What's a Tech Byte? Bring your lunch and join us for a 10 minute app...
iSucceed blog: Students communicate their experiences when using the iPad as a learning tool, create "How-tos" and tech tips to share with other students and teachers.
U-Turn Safe Driving Class: Sometimes students need to review the 'Rules of the Road" when using technology. This course (using Schoology as the delivery tool) was designed to address issues that may arise when students have difficulty remembering the expectations they agreed to when they received their devices. iPadeology: Staff and Student Resources for iPad Deployment
Student Safety Plan ___________________________ ’s iPad Safety Plan In general, I will keep my iPad safe by… __________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________...
iPad Student Reflection and Review of Expectations iPad Handbook Student Review
When students finish their classroom work, they can still continue using their iPad to learn. This graphic is just one example of how you can direct learners in how to use their iPad "Now That They Are Done". Now that I'm Done - iPadeology: Staff and Student Resources for iPad Deployment
Students helping students is one of the most powerful resources we have utilized to ensure that everyone gets needed support. Our squad of Student Techies have become a valuable asset when implementing the 1:1 Middle School Resource Allocation Initiative. osTicket:: SCP Login
Thing Big...start small We are continually telling our teachers to take it one step at a time. They don't have to overwhelm themselves by trying to learn everything there is to know regarding the 1:1 at the beginning of the school year. Here is a list of what we thought would be a great starting place to ensure that you are setting your students and staff up for a successful, rich learning experience when transitioning into a 1:1 learning environment. Tips for Success! | Schoology
This was our timeline for deployment during the 13-14 school year. Latest News | Glenview School District 34
This is a direct link to our Schoology Course providing you a comprehensive look at our professional development that we created and provided to our district staff. You will have access to the following courses: iPad 101, Classroom Management, Middle School Workflow Resources, Instruction and Assessment. ISTE iPadeology Session Resources: 2014 | Schoology
Citations Works Cited ABC News. Dir. JOANNA STERN. ABC News. ABC News Network, 26 June 2012. Web. 25 June 2013. <>. Beetle (Car). Digital image. Open Clip Art. Open Clipart, 18 July 2007. Web. 17 June 2014. <http://openclip...
You've Reached the Finish Line! End of Year: Creating Your Learning Portfolio D34 Middle School Students End of the Year Homework Add your app logins to Student Logins Google Form- Teacher to provide link in Schoology There are 2 icons to know for saving your work: “Share” icon- look for this icon in your app. “Export” icon Saving Your 2014-2015 Digital Work...
Acknowledgements Acknowledgements | Schoology
Middle School Parent Course Middle School Parent PD Course | Schoology
Presentation Link Presentation delivered at ISTE Conference.

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