This is the Big Ben in london, The name "Big Ben" origina...
This is the Big Ben in london
The name "Big Ben" originally referred to just the bell of the clock, but has also come to indicate the clock itself.
September 1843 - Construction on the clock tower begins
1853 - Clockmaker Edward John Dent passes away, but his stepson, Frederick Dent, finishes building the Great Clock in 1854
August 1856 - The bell is cast in northern England and transported to London. It develops a crack measuring almost 4 feet (1.2 meters) in October 1857. Rather than recast the first bell, a second bell is cast by George Mears in 1858
1859 - Construction on the tower is complete, five years overdue.
July 11, 1859 - Big Ben chimes for the first time
September 1859 - Big Ben cracks two months after its first chime and remains silent for the next four years. In 1863, the bell is turned so an undamaged portion is now struck with a smaller hammer. The crack is still there today.
This is the Bell that is inside of the Big Ben.
This is a video about Big Ben Video showing the Big Ben clock tower, in London. From The video is provided by, a ...
Tis video shows the Bell in The Big Ben. You've heard Big Ben a million times, but have you ever wondered what it's like up there in the belfry with the world's most famous bell? Here's your chance ...
This is the URL for one of the websites I used View CNN's Big Ben Fast Facts and learn more about the clock and bell in Elizabeth Tower.

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