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Gear up for Star Big Ideas

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Our year-long Star Big Ideas project yielded lots of great ideas on a variety of topics. Hover over the gears to learn more. www.thestar.com What are the Big Ideas that can re-engage Torontonians in the city and lead it triumphantly into the 21st century?
Learn more about Gardiner Expressway-related issues. www.thestar.com Ideas to improve Toronto's infrastructure and transportation to get this city moving.
Learn more about TTC-related issues. www.thestar.com Ideas to improve Toronto's infrastructure and transportation to get this city moving.
Learn more about childcare-related issues. www.thestar.com
Learn more about education-related issues in the recap of this chat on improving the K-12 system. www.thestar.com Our education expert and Star columnist Christopher Hume discussed how the education system can be improved to be more inclusive
Check out this interactive look at cycling ideas suggested by readers. www.thestar.com
Readers had a lot of ideas related to parks and other public spaces. www.thestar.com
Several ideas posed by readers involved arts and recreation activities. www.thestar.com
Make seniors centres as attractive as possible - just one idea related to seniors' services posed by readers. www.thestar.com
Readers were passionate about a proposal to disarm Toronto police. Read a summary of the debate. www.thestar.com
We invited experts from every walk of life to share how they would improve Toronto. See what they said: www.thestar.com
What's next for the city? Christopher Hume debated the topic with readers. www.thestar.com
Imagine a new neighbourhood springing up above the tracks leading to and from Union Station... www.thestar.com
Readers had a lot to say about Porter Airlines proposal to bring jets to Billy Bishop airport. www.thestar.com
Readers are concerned about climate change and other environmental issues. www.thestar.com
Could Toronto's ravines become a showpiece of the city's green spaces? www.thestar.com A city of Toronto's size and stature ought to have a world-class park. And our ravines are perfectly placed to become just that.
Congestion in the GTA has reached an untenable state, according to writer Anne Golden. www.thestar.com Congestion in the GTA has reached an untenable state. And with an additional 2.5 million people expected in the next 20 years, things are about to get much worse.
What about a transit system where the main goal is mobility for all? www.thestar.com Scott Randall has a great idea about infrastructure/transit: Make Toronto’s transit system the envy of the world using LRT, bus rapid transit, new streetcar routes and elevated rail lines over Hwy. 401 and the DVP with stops every two to three kilometres
From our suggestion box: www.thestar.com
Tree-planting and more: www.thestar.com
This was just one reader-submitted idea related to social services. www.thestar.com Marlene Webber has a great idea about youth and kids: Protect our troubled youth by acting on problem behaviours early with a dedicated case worker