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Gear up for Star Big Ideas

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Our year-long Star Big Ideas project yielded lots of great ideas on a variety of topics. Hover over the gears to learn more. www.thestar.com
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Several ideas posed by readers involved arts and recreation activities. www.thestar.com
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We invited experts from every walk of life to share how they would improve Toronto. See what they said: www.thestar.com
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Readers are concerned about climate change and other environmental issues. www.thestar.com
Could Toronto's ravines become a showpiece of the city's green spaces? www.thestar.com
Congestion in the GTA has reached an untenable state, according to writer Anne Golden. www.thestar.com
What about a transit system where the main goal is mobility for all? www.thestar.com
From our suggestion box: www.thestar.com
Tree-planting and more: www.thestar.com
This was just one reader-submitted idea related to social services. www.thestar.com