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SAMR Model in 120 Seconds This is a quick introduction to the SAMR Model, developed by Dr. Ruben Puentedura. It is not meant to be an in-depth view of the model. For more information...
A model of technology integration that focuses on the products created and learning, not the technology. Developed by Dr. Ruben Puentedura, PhD - Check out his blog for tons of information about technology integration Ruben R. Puentedura's Weblog
Students use a technology as a substitute for a common task. This level won't impact student outcomes and is similar to the lower levels of Bloom's Taxonomy - Remembering and Understanding.
At this level technology is used to enhance the way students are carrying out the task. Essentially, the task remains the same, but small improvements for students. This level is similar to the Applying and Analyzing stages of Bloom's.
At this level the technology allows for a redesign of the tasks students are performing. Tasks have been modified to allow students to accomplish things they couldn't do before and coincides with the Analyzing and Evaluating levels of Bloom's.
In this situation students can utilize technology to create entirely new situations and products. You see dramatic changes in student outcomes, as in the Evaluating and Creating phases of Bloom's.
Great introduction to combining the SAMR & Bloom's model. The new Padagogy Wheel features another band focusing on the SAMR Model and on helping teachers (and admins) effectively integrate education technology.
Digital Citizenship Constantly remind students to protect their private information online & develop procedures for using the technology responsibly.
Digital Literacy Students should have a basic understanding of search strategies to help locate information efficiently, and should be directed to use reliable websites like PebbleGo & KYVL.
Learn how to use the Trading Cards app Free Technology for Teachers: Create Trading Cards for Historical and Fictional People, Places, and Events Free Technology for Teachers: Create Trading Cards for Historical and Fictional People, Places, and Events
Help students develop search terms before they search on Google.
Ideas for how to use SimpleMind (paid or free version) SimpleMind+: Digital Mind Maps for the Classroom
Ideas for using this paid app as linked to CCSS Math & ELA standards Felt Board app for Common Core Standards: How to use Felt Board app for the iPad in grades K-3 to meet common core objectives.
Learn how to access OneDrive and create documents on an iPad How to Access Office 365 Web Tools & OneDrive from iPad
Access your library's FollettShelf eBooks using this app. Download books to read and manage your checkouts. Must have the library's FollettShelf web address to use.
Search your library's catalog and manage "book shelves". You must have your library's web address to use this app.
Digital Citizenship Students should be using only Public Domain or Creative Commons licensed works in their reports and presentations.
Digital Literacy Students should be able to make informed decisions about what information is appropriate, reliable and timely enough to use for research.
Learn about some applications for Dragon Dictation Dragon Dictation- Muratore
Learn about ways to use Evernote in ten classroom from Educators Technology The Ultimate Simplified Guide to The Use of Evernote in Education ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning
How to Use Keynote - iPads in Schools - Paul Hamilton Simple, clear tutorial on how to use the keynote app on the ipad. Gives a school context. Is aimed a teachers and parents who are new to ipads and using apps.
Skitch 101 - Matt Gomez includes links to posts about Skitch and videos A message from USA TODAY NETWORK
Some Creative Ideas for Using Popplet Enjoy the videos and music that you love, upload original content and share it all with friends, family and the world on YouTube.
Photo collage app could be used to show the steps in a process, before and after, to create a collage of similar items etc
Collaborating on Office 365 Word Web App Collaborating with the Office 365 Word Web App
Tellagami App - by KATE Murray State The Tellagami App is available for iOS or Android. By combining photos, voice, character customization and personality on a mobile platform, we help you com...
How to Use Notability iPad app Notability iPad app creates notes that integrate handwriting, typing, drawings, audio, and pictures. Use Notability for iPad to create lecture notes and other classroom materials. Notability for iPad can also be used to annotate PDF documents, such as student assignments and PDF forms. To create a new note, tap the Compose icon in the Library. […]
Introdcution to Schoology Schoology is an online learning, classroom management, and social networking platform that improves learning through better communication, collaboration, and...
Getting Started in Schoology Playlist of How to videos
Puppet Pals 2 information about how it works With the increasing use of the iPad at homes, many traditional toys have made their way into the digital world. Earlier this month, we saw Creativium, an app that simulates paper theaters. Today, I'll be reviewing Puppet Pals 2, a creative app that lets you create and record your own stories using virtual puppets. Created by Polished Play, Puppet Pals 2 is the sequel to the well received Puppet Pals. Building on the original virtual puppet theater format, the new app has more characters, unique locations, new rides, and the ability to move your characters' arms and legs. Puppet Pals 2 lets you create animated videos using virtual puppets. Exit, Stage Left To begin creating, first you select a location for your show. The app has six sets available: a city, a farm, a theater stage, an old cowboy town, an icy landscape, and the surface of the moon. You can also use a corresponding background music or turn it off completely.
Puppet Pals from Engage Their Minds
"Using ShowMe to Create Lessons on the iPad" - Whiteboard & screencasting app- BENEFITS= free, published lessons are available to use, Teachers can go to and search for lessons on a topic that they can share through embedding on websites. DRAWBACKS= work must be published publicly, unsuitable for young students to use to create their own lessons. Free Technology for Teachers
Whiteboard & Screencasting app. BENEFITS: free, teachers can create a class account and allow students to create their own lessons to show what they know - lessons are kept private, teacher lessons can also be kept private, searchable database of public lessons on DRAWBACKS: work can't be saved to photo reel Double your capacity as a teacher. Let students learn from your own video as you navigate through the room acting as the facilitator to your own instruction, keeping students on task and providing live support where needed.
"Using ShowMe to Create Lessons on the iPad" - Whiteboard & screencasting app- BENEFITS= free, published lessons are available to use, Teachers can go to and search for lessons on a topic that they can share through embedding on websites. DRAWBACKS= work must be published publicly, cannot save work to photo reel, unsuitable for young students to use to create their own lessons. Free Technology for Teachers
How to use Educreations on the iPad
"30Hands Presentations: As Simple as it Gets" Teach Thru Technology blog - Storytelling app - BENEFITS: free, easy to use and narrate over photos, allows publishing to photo reel or to a 30Hands account, allows for annotation directly on photos. DRAWBACKS: doesn't include a whiteboard feature that allows for "live" annotating while recording, videos can only be included as in app purchases.
"Using Explain Everything in the Primary Classroom" blog post on Mrs. Wideen's blog. Explain Everything is a screencasting and interactive white board. It allows you to draw content from the photo reel, dropbox, Evernote, GoogleDrive, WebDAV, Skydrive and others. BENEFITS: The number of places that you can draw content from, the ability to save to the photo reel and other applications like iBooks & YouTube. DRAWBACKS: The app is $2.99 but that is a nominal cost for the potential for teaching/learning and demonstrating learning. Explain everything is a screen casting and interactive whiteboard app  that lets you annotate, animate, narrate, import, and export almost a...
Digital Literacy With teacher direction and support, students can develop a research question, choose appropriate sources for their research and synthesize their information
Digital Citizenship Students collaborate with others globally in a professional way while respecting private information.
Digital Citizenship Students collaborate and present ideas globally while respecting privacy and intellectual property rights.
Digital Literacy: Research is entirely student driven. The teacher acts as a coach on a side and gives the student freedom to develop research questions and identify appropriate sources and methods of sharing.
Intro to Aurasma and Augmented Reality along with different uses for the classroom Exciting lesson ideas, classroom strategies, teaching tips, book lists, videos, and reproducibles in a daily blog by teachers from the classrooms of extraordinary mentor
How to use Veescope - Green Screen app Shoot amazing green screen/chroma keying with this free iOS App called Veescope Live. Find out more at: free version will leave ...
Learn how to create an account, and create and share a presentation that includes interactive features Making Tech Simple aims to provide customized tutorials along with comprehensive objective based web pages on topics ranging from browsers to email, from Google Apps to iPads. Users are given opportunities to practice what they learn and feedback, support, and rewards are always only one click away.
In addition to suggesting ideas for use, the article includes a tutorial.
Toontastic guide includes a short itnroductory video, and links to blog posts about how to use Toontastic for different subjects as well as the official teacher resource page. WordPress › Setup Configuration File Start with an image defined through multimedia. Present ideas. Create links to amazing sites. Explore, share and create with ThingLink in the classroom! The app is a bit different from what you can do with the browser
Intro to Touchcast video Video and the web are coming together. Experience both like never before with TouchCast- a new medium that looks like video, but feels more like the web. Apple Distinguished Educator Cormac Cahill tells us why he uses Book Creator to create ebooks in his classroom and the amazing effect it has on his students Book Creator is the simple way to create beautiful books on your iPad.Schools can save 50% on the full version using Apple's Volume Purchasing Programme.Down...
Hopscotch App Tutorial Hopscotch App tutorial for teachers wanting to integrate iPads into their teaching pedagogy. This tutorial looks at basic coding using the functions of the i...
The Definitive App Smasher's Guide by Miguel Guhlin
from the iPad for Schools Blog Inspired by the last #1to1iPadChat , I thought it was time to post on the world craze that is App Smashing. The term App Smash was coined by the great Greg Kulowiec (@gregkulowiec) from EdTech Teac…
Beginner's Guide to Twitter in Education - includes links, hashtags
Great overall resource for using iPads in the classroom. Browse through the posts to get lots of ideas
Great article about the SAMR model including Thinglink with more info! SAMR is a truly useful tool for helping teachers identify their current comfort zone in order to build expertise in designing efficient and effective student learning experiences. To reach higher levels on the SAMR ladder, teachers can make some planning and instructional shifts.
An Introduction to Evernote by Murray State's KATE Enjoy the videos and music that you love, upload original content and share it all with friends, family and the world on YouTube.

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