Educator as a Maker Educator The educator’s role has or should change in this age of information abundance or Education 2.0-3.0. The educator’s role has always been to model and demonstrate effective learning, but … I visit a lot of classrooms. And I'm always fascinated by the variety of ways teachers launch the new school year and also with how they "run their rooms" on a daily basis. From these visits and my own experiences as an instructor, I'd like to offer my top 20 suggestions for keeping your classroom a safe, open, and inviting place to learn. Maker Ed's Resource Library includes content to help educators and facilitators from all backgrounds and environments get started and continue making in education. 24 Unique Maker Education Resources For Teaching & Learning Ten Roles for Teacher Leaders - Educational Leadership I recently gave the closing keynote at the Maker Possibilities Day hosted by the Maker Education Organization and sponsored by Intel. It was interesting, because I knew that most of the attendees w… I had a great time this week connecting with people around the world at the Global Education Conference. This free and open online conference is one of best that I’ve seen, including particip… Hearts and Minds - Educational Leadership DIY U: Build a Personal Learning Plan: Take charge of your education with help from your peers. Middle school students create their own 3D virtual worlds and learn lessons about communication, collaboration, and digital citizenship through the first-person sandbox-style game called Minecraft. Designers Must Learn to Embrace Failure | An innovative teaching space and a new, design-thinking module in the business school seeks to help students develop their creative flexibility. The educator’s role has or should change in this age of information abundance or Education 2.0-3.0. The educator’s role has always been to model and demonstrate effective learning, but … This post discusses some of the challenges and proposed solutions for implementing maker education activities into a learning setting.  Several trends drive this post: The Play Deficit – dimi… This isn’t the first year that ‘maker culture’ has been hot topic at South By, but it’s certainly reaching a groundswell. littleBits is helping… Formative feedback works. It serves as a learning mirror, giving us a sense of how we are progressing toward one or more goals.  If you look at most lesson plans, it is possible to improve them by … KQED provides Public Media for Northern California. KQED supplies local news, arts, food, cooking, science, and education information through public broadcasting, blogs, podcasts, video, audio, workshops, and events. Want to Start a Makerspace at School? Tips to Get Started Writing teacher, world citizen and guest blogger Stephanie West-Puckett reflects on the idea that, by integrating Maker culture into curriculum, we are transforming how learning happens in our schools. Project Ideas, Videos, and Other "Making" Resources The following materials are being used to present to educators the idea that implementing maker education requires a different mindset, and often different roles and skills of the educator. To acce… Tinkering Is Serious Play - Educational Leadership Before you begin reading this post grab a piece of paper sitting next you(you read with a notepad right?) and draw your classroom or what you imagine your classroom to be if you are not yet in charge of your own learning space. Go ahead I will wait……. There is so much buzz around the topics of Makerspaces, STEM, STEAM, STREAM, PBL, Deeper Learning, Personalized Learning and more. I want to let you in on a little secret that all great educators know and it requires zero acronyms or major funding. Secret - It all starts with treating people like people. That's right. Maybe that secret was a bit disappointing to you. Perhaps you were wanting for a tool or an app to solve your problems(which will never work because tools only work if you change your habits of mind). This very simple secret is at the heart of teaching and making an impact in the lives of students. If you were to go back to your room layout that you sketched what do you see? Something that hopefully you see is that learning

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