Verdde, A Mutually Beneficial Exchange
A valued colleague of mine, Aviaja Egede Lynge from the University of Greenland, once told me: "The circumploar area, seen up from the stars and from the eyes of our ancestors somewhere up there, is a circle--it is round and it is whole" River of Life A Biography of lindapemik One of our first assignments in eci831 is to share a biography with our classmates. We have been encouraged to make a short video and post to our blog or to …
The concept for Verdde, a Sami word that means a mutually benefical exchange took seed in Fairbanks Alaska in 2004, when the Sami University College and the three Canadian territorial colleges first discussed how to support student and staff mobility and knowledge exchange in the area of indigenous teacher education.
The Sami University College in Kautokeino Norway took the lead on establishing the network. The official web site of Arctic College, serving all 25 communities of Nunavut. Sámi University of Applied Sciences non-traditional circumpolar mobility program for indigenous student teachers
Why is Verdde such an important program for Nunavut Arctic College? our connections with the Sami and more recently with indigenous educators in Greenland and Alaska provides opportunities for conversations about how indigenous children learn and how we can achieve success for Inuit children, We are learning from our circumpolar neighbors about decolonizing education systems and opening up dialogue about what it means to be an indigenous teacher in the 21st century.
Decolonization in Nunavut has up until now been primarily political and economical--mental decolonization has not been evident, but is the next step. If we want to improve learning outcomes for Inuit students we need to put Inuit culture, knowledge and language into our schools; We need to openly discuss our histories and acknowledge the cultural assimilation that occurred and how it made its imprint on the worldview of our teachers--Inuit and southerners both. The western education system has helped shaped the views of our student teachers. If they are to be successful in implementing the new policies of the Department of Education they must examine their practice in this light. Changing policies alone will not change the schools. Teacher must also change their practices.
The University Centre of Mobility in Indigenous Education proposed by SUC. Srengthen relationships withpartners through face to face planning meetings , and cooperative development of two shared knowledge projects for 2014-15: MOOC: Multicultural understanding from an indigenous perspective MOOC: Building Relationships within Indigenous Circumpolar Early Childhood Education Expand active partners and communication networks. circumpolar cooperation in staff and student mobility
NEFU joins Verdde in 2005 North-Eastern Federal University in Yakutsk, NEFU
Arctic State Institute of Arts and Culture also joins

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