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This photo shows the retractable door wall leading to the patio. j2-construction.com
One of the four bedrooms. j2-construction.com
Overview of the home by J2 Construction youtu.be http://www.GoStGeorge.com We were BEYOND pleased when close friend, client, and award-winning parade Builder Jake Joines of J2 Construction invited us to tou...
Homeowner talks with Mitsubishi about energy efficiency. www.youtube.com
POROUS DRIVE The driveway (not shown) is completely pervious, constructed using compacted gravel.
DROUGHT-TOLERANT PLANTINGS The natural appearance of plants and shrubs around the home is no accident. Local xeriscaping was carefully planned, and a stingy drip irrigation system minimizes water waste.
DOUBLE-FRAMED WALLS Use of a double frame for all exterior walls left room for extra insulation. The resulting cavity is filled with a hybrid system of spray foam and fiberglass insulation—less expensive than a full foam insulation, but right for this construction technique and budget.
FLAT ROOF Flat roofs covered with membranes made installation of (and access to) the Schuco solar hot water panels easy. The flat style offers a future option of green roof systems or PV panels.
LOW-MAINTENANCE EXTERIOR FINISH Common in this part of the country, synthetic stucco requires very infrequently maintenance and blends perfectly with desert hues.
www.greenbuildermedia.com The designer of this low-profile home used high-tech systems to reduce its long-term energy costs, and integrated it with the local landscape.