HIGH-PERFORMANCE WINDOWS Durable fiberglass frames with dual, argon-filled glazings produce a U-value of .17, well above average.
XERISCAPING Plants on the small lot are local and drought tolerant, watered by runoff from the white, heat-reflective roof.
THERMAL ARMOR The slab sits on a foam insulation barrier, for a thermal break and R-10 performance. Foundation walls have 2" of rigid foam plus fiberglass batts; above-grade walls include a 1" layer of exterior foam and fiberglass batts inside.
INSTA-GARAGE The garage arrived pre-wired for an electric car charging station, with its own 50-amp service in place. Also, the garage door is fully insulated, with etched glass for curb appeal.
DURABLE SURFACES A combination of fiber cement siding and long-lasting ceder provide a low-maintenance exterior cladding that should last for many decades.
This minute long time-lapse video shows how the Alley House 2 was put together over a single afternoon. www.facebook.com In one afternoon, a 70 ton crane, 3 low-boy trailers, and about a dozen hard hats got a house squeezed through an alley and hoisted up onto the foundations for this soon-to-be certified LEED Platinum...
Photos from the Builder www.cascadebuilt.com Cascade Built | Alley House 2
Interior Images from Cascade Built www.cascadebuilt.com
www.greenbuildermedia.com One of Seattle’s first LEED platinum modular homes, this stunning multi-level house fits nicely on a narrow urban infill lot.