Please check the British Library Catalogue and obtain the Document Supply Shelfmark. Explore the British Library
If you are requesting a multi volume work, a separate request form is required for each volume.
Please give your University email address.
If you require a particular edition please indicate which edition you need.
It is very helpful to us if you provide your source of information (the name of the catalogue or database where you found the information).
If you only require a chapter of a book please give the title of the chapter and complete the Chapter/Pages section below.
Before completing an ILL form for a book request please search the British Library Catalogue and choose Remote Supply from the drop down menu on the Main Catalogue search tab. Explore the British Library
It doesn't matter if you use the hardback ISBN or paperback ISBN. Older books do not have an ISBN.
Please check Library Search to make sure we do not have the item in stock before ordering an ILL. Unfortunately, if we subsequently find that the item is in stock you will not be able to claim a refund.
For more information about paying for Inter Library Loans, or setting up a Web account, please consult the ILL web page: Inter-Library Loans - University Library - Newcastle University
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