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Lewis Hine photo: Morris Levine

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source of photo: Library of Congress www.loc.gov
Morris Levine, 212 Park Street. 11 years old and sells papers every day--been selling five years. Makes 50 cents Sundays and 30 cents other days. Location: Burlington, Vermont; December 17, 1916; photographed by Lewis Hine
Never again! The story of a speeder cop (cartoon from 1916 - not the advertised movie) www.loc.gov
Morris lives at 212 Park Street in Burlington, VT cdi.uvm.edu
1920 Census Records for Levine family vermonthistory.org
transcription of 1920 census records for the Levine family vermonthistory.org
He's probably not selling the Burlington Free Press because it was a weekly paper. chroniclingamerica.loc.gov
He might be selling a daily newspaper from NY chroniclingamerica.loc.gov
A cold December day weather-history.findthebest.com
Lewis Hine, photographer: Documentation of Child Labor www.archives.gov
What building is this?<br />