Our Winning Video! www.thinglink.com My Interactive Video
Student Council President My'Asia Russia will lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance. s2.thingpic.com
Lockland School District's Superintendent, Dr. Matt Bishop. s1.thingpic.com
Making choices is necessary and can be difficult to make the best choice. s2.thingpic.com
Which are the best answers to choose on the OAA this week? s2.thingpic.com
Welcome to The Lockland School District! s3.thingpic.com
What is the best way to involve students in this learning opportunity? s2.thingpic.com
When would be the best day for me to mow my lawn? s3.thingpic.com
8th grader Erin Goins and 6th grader Tyasia Spikes chose to do something positive and constructive. s2.thingpic.com
6th grader Costantino Costanzo chose to use new technology. s4.thingpic.com
6th graders Diamond Smith and Janyia Wilcher chose to work in a collaborative environment. s2.thingpic.com
7th grader Kyler Rowe chose to make independent decisions that benefit those around him. s2.thingpic.com
6th grader Alexis Ferrell chose to do the right thing. s1.thingpic.com
Ohio Secretary of State, Jon Husted. s1.thingpic.com
Lockland School District Band Director, Mr. Chad Welage and the 6th grade band chose to perform the music on our interdisciplinary project. s1.thingpic.com
From Montpelier, Ohio. s3.thingpic.com
Educated at the University of Dayton. s1.thingpic.com
Member of a National Championship Football Team at the University of Dayton. s3.thingpic.com
Elected and served as Ohio's Speaker of the House of Representatives for two terms. s3.thingpic.com
His family consists of his wife and three kids. s2.thingpic.com
Ohio's Secretary of State, Jon Husted. s4.thingpic.com
Ohio Secretary of State Website. www.sos.state.oh.us Home
Mr. Aaron Parker's Lockland Middle School Website. www.locklandschools.org Lockland Local Schools
Test your voting knowledge. quizlet.com Quizlet is a lightning fast way to learn vocabulary.
6th grade band.
6th grade band. s4.thingpic.com
Mr. Parker and Mr. Husted. s2.thingpic.com
Mr. Husted and LMS. s4.thingpic.com

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