Revise your resume.
Be ready for a speech at the interview
Make a list of work-related skills you'd like to learn.
<div>Research the company</div>
<div>Make a list of all of your friends, relatives, and acquaintances. Contact them one by one and ask them if they know of any openings for which they could recommend you.</div>
Volunteer. Emphasize your volunteer experience on your resume, as companies that treat their employees well tend to favor candidates who help the community somehow.
<div>Cold call. Locate a specific person who can help you (usually the human resources or hiring manager at a company or organization you're interested in). Call that person and ask if they are hiring, but do not become discouraged if they are not.</div>
Demonstrate your desire and ability to help. There's a difference between making phone calls and going to interviews thinking "I'm looking for a job" versus "I'm here to do the work you need to have done"
Fit the job to the skills rather than the other way around. Make a list of all of your skills, determine which kinds of businesses and industries need them most (ask around for advice if you need to) and find businesses that will benefit from having you and your skills around. Maybe your current job just isn't working out, or maybe you just graduated and are trying to get employed for the first time. The job market can be hard to crack in either case, no matter your age or experience. Start by networking and...
CV Use our sample 'Sample Combination Resume.' Read it or download it for free. Free help from wikiHow. Are you a college graduate fed up with the uncertainty and stress of the job hunt? Learn more: Have you been sitting in Starbucks for ... If You're looking for a part time job, there's something you need to know. Part time jobs for teens can be fun, exciting, rewarding and prosperous. Find out ...

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