Heracles and the Nemean Lion
Why is Heracles wrestling the Nemean Lion when he has a quiver of arrows? Per the link above, the Lion's skin was invulnerable. www.perseus.tufts.edu Hercules' First Labor: the Nemean Lion
Who is the figure to the left of Heracles and the Nemean lion? This figure is Heracles' nephew and companion, Iolaus. Per the link posted above, he is most famous for helping Heracles defeat the Hydra, but he is depicted here, as well. However, T.H. Carpenter states that many Greek painted pots depict Iolaus present holding Heracles' weapons (120), such as he is here. www.perseus.tufts.edu Hercules' Second Labor: the Lernean Hydra
Why is Athena depicted here? According to the link above, Athena often helped Heracles with his labors, and that in some visual representations, Heracles directly interacts with her. In this scene, one cannot tell if he knows of her presence. people.uncw.edu Herakles and Athena
What is the shape of this pot called? What was it used for? According to the link postd above, the shape of this pot is called a krater, and it was used to mix wine with water. mkatz.web.wesleyan.edu Greek Vase Shapes
This link gives general information about the pot, including: the date (early 5th century), where is was made (Athens), and where it was found. www.beazley.ox.ac.uk
Why are there so many pots that depict Heracles? According to Pedley, he was so popular because so many cities in Greece associated themselves with him and his labors, therefore, many Greeks wanted pots that depicted Heracles' feats (58).
Why do the Greek depict myth on their pots? According to Van Bothmer, the Greek displayed myths as part of their technological advances in depicting the human form. As ancient Greek pot-makers developed their skills, they began experimenting with forms, and myths gave these artists the opportunity to attempt many different types of forms (human, animal, monster, weapons, ships, etc.)

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