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In this lesson students are creating an iMovie on a country that experienced European imperialism. Students will participate in a gallery walk and use Aurasma to view each others work. The goal is to examine the past and present impact upon the country. To see this lesson in action watch the video :) www.youtube.com http://www.fairmontschools.com http://www.thesysintl.com http://www.fairmontprepacademy.com/ High school teacher Ms. Sabba Q. talks about how she integrates ...
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To begin this project students are divided into groups of three and each member researches a particular part of the overall topic. They will also search for images and video clips that they can use in their iMovie
Students will record their research in their own words in a shared document. They will begin creating the story they will tell by writing scripts for their Tellagami character.
Students will create, customize and record their characters and then save them so they can import them into iMovie.
Students will stitch all the pieces of their story together using iMovie. Luckily with the update there are so many more exciting features that can bring the story to life, such as picture in picture and split screen recording. They must add appropriate titles at the beginning and headings throughout and of course credits at the end.
Students will upload their finished iMovie to YouTube
Students will use their YouTube video links to create an Aura with Aurasma that will be displayed on a poster during the gallery walk.
Impact of Imperialism in China www.youtube.com YouTube
Introduce the activity and go over the directions and rubric with students. Have students organize themselves into groups and get each others contact information.
Impact of Imperialism in India www.youtube.com YouTube
Impact of Imperialism in Madagascar www.youtube.com Period 2- Erin Pan, Gigi Wan, Niko Yin