AppTRACK - Creating a Screencast Presentation
Begin this project using your iPad
In this project we want to get two tellagami characters onto the same screen. Search and save a green chroma background image to your camera roll.
Tellagami allows you to create and customize virtual characters. In this project we will be creating two separate tellagami videos. IMPORTANT: Each character must be recorded themselves while the other is speaking, otherwise the video lengths will not match up.
In DoInk there are three layers. Place the background image in the top layer and the two tellagami videos in the remaining layers and watch the green screen magic happen :)
I don't think there is anything that Explain Everything wont let me do. For the ending scene we wanted to bring in some contact information to the slide while having both characters on the screen. To do this bring both videos into EE and add the text to the slide. Its important to have a plain background for your TG characters and in EE. Add in the text and record it all happening! *we also used EE to make the title slide HINT: To rearrange things to your liking you may have to play with the "bring to front" "send to back" options a bit
Well done! You are halfway there :)
Well done! Upload your iMovie to YouTube and you are ready to share it with the world :)
To create your screencast and stitch together all the pieces we are going to move to our desktop/laptop
We are going to use QuickTime to do a screencast showing how to use iTunes U
Open iTunes U and navigate through the application to show your audience how to use the tool
Use iMovie to stitch together all of your videos. Add a title slide, some cool transitions and maybe even an audio track in the background.
You can view our finished product here :) This was a guest video we did for the iPadEducators when they presented at GESS on Breaking Down the Walls in Dubai, UAE YouTube
Objective Create a screencast presentation with two instructors. Los Tweets más recientes de Sabba Quidwai (@askMsQ). Keynote Speaker🎤Cultures of innovation begin with a culture of empathy. Former History teacher & Dir of Innovation at USC. Global Executive EdD Candidate (USC). California Les tout derniers Tweets de Rebecca Osborne (@DrBeckyO)

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