Protist are eukaryotes , unicellular and multicellular, heterotrophs and autotrophs, asexual (mitosis), share DNA by conjugation, and are mostly motile
There are three main types of Protist: Animal-like (Protozoa), Plant-like (unicellular algae), and Fungus-like (slime mold).
Protists vary in how they obtain energy (autotrophic or heterotrophic).
Some members of Kingdom Protista are unicellular, others are colonial, and yet others are multicellular.
Some cause serious diseases like amoebic dysentery and malaria.
The earliest protists fossils are 1 billion, 200 million years old.
Bot flies are Protists in the Protozoa category. This is a video of the botfly taken from the BBC's Life in the Undergrowth documentary series.

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