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Drawing Pad: Use this app to draw and utilize many different drawing mediums. Many different sharing/exporting options.
Math Slide Addition/Subtraction: Use this app for students to practice their addition and subtraction facts. Not only does this test their ability to know their math facts, but it also tests them in various ways i.e.: pictures, words, numbers, graphs, tally marks, etc. Students can play with up to 4 players.
Chalkboard App: Use this as a chalkboard for math, spelling, writing, etc.
Write About This: Students can type out a response to a writing prompt and can add audio to their story. Students can export their story and save into their camera roll. appsolutelyapril.com I love the Write About This app and the students really enjoy using the iPads in writing. Here’s what I really like about using this app: 1. You can customize the levels (Levels 1-3) for the …
Skitch: Students can draw on photos, annotate a PDF, label a diagram, etc. Save finished products to camera roll.
Chatterpix: Students can create photos that have a voice. Do a research project on a historical figure or an animal and bring your figure to life with your own voice as the photo begins to talk.
Explain Everything: Students can explain their thinking as they draw, write, or annotate as they speak. Students can become storytellers and so much more with this app. Let your thinking be visible. appsolutelyapril.com Earlier this year, I gave four different presentations on how Explain Everything is a powerful tool in the classroom. Whether you are a kindergarten teacher or a high school math teacher, you can b…
My Story Maker: A story creation tool for kids in grades K-2. Bring your creativity to life. Create a story to show your learning with facts from a unit of study!
Shadow Puppet: Create a slideshow, but bring it to life with voice, text, presentation tools, effects, and more. Save to your camera roll and share with parents at conferences.
Redefinition at it's best. Create a story complete with embedded video, audio, text, and drawing tools and share it with the world. Make an iBook and send it to iTunes. Create a classroom library on your iPads.
iMovie: Endless possibilities. Create digital book reports. Create Hollywood style trailers to show learning of a particular content area. Act out a part of a story. Create a video tutorial. The possibilities are truly endless.
Draw and Tell: Designed for younger students in grades K-2, students can create a story, record audio, record video, draw their creations and share it with the world.
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