Why do sunflowers grow taller than other flowers?
Craven sunflowers stain have been developed to grow tall.
They have been breed to grow over 20 feet tall. 3.bp.blogspot.com
Sunflowers growth point will keep growing tall and only slow down as the daily sunlight drops.
Sunflowers grow so tall because the roots push the seeds up.
They Mexican sunflower can grow as tall as an adult.
The Mexican sunflower is orange instead of yellow.
If you grow a sunflower against against a wall it will grow taller than usual. farm3.staticflickr.com
Mexican sunflower www.flmnh.ufl.edu
This is a very unique sunflower s1.hubimg.com
These are the tallest sunflowers in america www.bumblebeeblog.com
This is a red sun flower gardening.lohudblogs.com
These are really cool colered sunflowers www.dazzlegardens.com
fun fact:Did you know that sunflowers are yellow because the sun is yellow? It can also be red which is rare because the sun when up close has a hint of red. That's why their called SUNflowers.
This is a mammoth sunflower. media.growsonyou.com

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