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Republican governors on Common Core

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"The state board of education adopted new Arizona standards for mathematics and English language ares in 2010 that raise the expectations and accountability for Arizona's public district and charter school students so they graduate prepared for success in college and the workforce." 2014 election? Brewer recently announced that she is not running for reelection. azgovernor.gov
"Because the state bears a responsibility to ensure that our students get their best shot at a good education, Georgia joined 41 other states in adopting Common Core State Standards, which will help define what our students need to know, increase rigor and provide a tool to measure our students against their peers. It is critically important that we prepare our students for common core assessments, which come online in the 2014-2015 school year." 2014 Election? Yes. Odds? Likely R. gov.georgia.gov
"I'm supporting it." 2014 Election? Yes. Odds? Safe R. www.idahopress.com
"I think the Common Core is a really important opportunity, and I think it's a good thing." 2014 Election? Yes. Odds? Leans R. www.mlive.com Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder is standing behind Common Core education standards despite attempts by members of his own party to block implementation of the national initiative.
"The Common Core State Standards, developed collaboratively by 48 states, hundreds of experts, and thousands of educators, are anchored in the goal of ensuring all students graduate ready for college and career success, and reflect the knowledge and skills most valued by employers and higher education." 2014 Election? Yes. Odds? Likely R. gov.nv.gov
"We are doing Common Core in New Jersey and we're going to continue. And, this is one of those areas where I have agreed more with the President than not. And with Secretary Duncan." 2014 Election: No. highercorestandards.org ICYMI: VIDEO: Governor Chris Christie: Republican Governors Are Leading the Way on Common Core Last week, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie addressed the KIPP School Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada. He discussed a variety of education reform issues. Check out what he had to say about how Republican governors are leading the movement to raise academic standards. Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cxc2gTxVRoE&feature=youtu.be Transcript: …
No public comments, but state schools chief Hanna Skandera, appointed by Martinez, supports the standards. 2014 Election? Yes. Odds? Likely R.
"The reading and math standards in Common Core are high, relevant, and can be applied internationally. Yet it can also be applied and implemented here locally." 2014 Election? No. capitaltonight.news14.com
Pledged to veto anti-Common Core bill. 2014 Election? Yes. Odds? Likely R. stateimpact.npr.org Ohio's anti-Common Core bill will get its first hearing tomorrow. The bill would void the Ohio Board of Education's adoption of the Common Core, a new set of expectations for what students should know and be able to do in math and English. It would also bar Ohio from using new nationally developed standardized tests aligned
Issued executive order to support the standards (while guarding against federal overreach). 2014 Election? Yes. Odds? Safe R. www.sos.ok.gov
No public comments, but state Secretary Melody Schopp has gone around the state advocating for Common Core. 2014 Election? Yes. Odds? safe R. www.capjournal.com
"I feel strongly in this sense: Common Core is about raising the standards and defining the standards so that everybody knows what a third grader should be able to do in math or an eighth grader." 2014 Election? Yes. Odds? Safe R. tnreport.com Governor says raising education standards a key component to drawing businesses here
"As a state, we have agreed to higher benchmarks in the areas of science and math. Currently, no federal funding is attached to this program. We remain committed to dictating our processes, curriculum, and control of our education system in the state of Utah. Should Common Core become a more invasive intrusion of the federal government, we will reassess our participation in this program." 2014 Election? No. garyherbert.com The education of Utah's children, whether in public, private, or home school, has always been a priority during my service as Governor. Our next generation depe
"Now is the time, without regard to what the federal government may want, for us to step up, refuse to be left behind, and accept Common Core standards as determined by Wyoming citizens." 2014 Election? Yes. Odds? Safe R. governor.wy.gov
"It is a state function, and the standards to educate our children should be based on state and local standards that are set by Alabama local school boards and parents, and not by the federal government or a consortium of states." 2014 Election? Yes. Odds? Safe R. www.tuscaloosanews.com
"Common Core Standards? Not on my watch. Alaskans set education standards for our students — not Washington." 2014 Election? Yes. Odds? Toss-up. www.facebook.com
State Commissioner Pam Stewart "has put together a group of Floridians. They're working on Florida standards ... They're going to announce it next week, proposed changes based on feedback she has received." 2014 Election? Yes. Odds? Toss-up. articles.orlandosentinel.com Gov. Rick Scott promised to address the growing controversy among Republicans surrounding federal "Common Core" education standards by announcing Saturday that alternative state-education standards...
"Hoosiers have high expectations when it comes to Indiana schools. That’s why Indiana decided to take a time-out on national education standards. When it comes to setting standards for schools, I can assure you, Indiana’s will be uncommonly high. They will be written by Hoosiers, for Hoosiers, and will be among the best in the nation." 2014 Election? No. www.in.gov
Nebraska hasn't adopted the Common Core at all. 2014 Election? No.
"We are telling the Legislature: Roll back Common Core. ... Let’s take it back to South Carolina standards." 2014 Election? Yes. Odds? leans R. www.knoxnews.com We don't ever want to educate South Carolina children like they educate California children, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley said. We want to educate South Carolina children on South Carolina standards, not anyone else's standards.
Texas has not adopted the standards. 2014 Election? No.
"I'd like to have Wisconsin have its own unique standards that I think can be higher than what’s been established and what’s been talked about at the national level." 2014 Election: Yes. Odds? Likely R. host.madison.com
"The state of Iowa, not the federal government or any other organization, shall determine the content of Iowa’s state academic standards, which are known as the Iowa Core." 2014 Election? Yes. Odds? Likely R. theiowarepublican.com
“We need Louisiana standards, not Washington, DC, standards.” But Jindal stopped short of openly endorsing plans to halt the Common Core in Louisiana. 2014 Election? No. theadvocate.com Wading into a national debate, Gov. Bobby Jindal said Monday that he is concerned Louisiana public school classrooms would be saddled with a “federalized curriculum” sparked by a
"I don't believe in Common Core. ... I believe in raising the standards in education." 2014 Election? Yes. Odds? Leans D. bangordailynews.com AUGUSTA, Maine — Three months after Republican Paul LePage became Maine’s governor in 2011, he signed a law adopting the Common Core standards to better prepare students for college or careers. Since then, the program to which he gave his imprimatur has become the focus of tea party anger. While [...]
"The state of Mississippi and its local school districts, not the federal government or any other entity, shall determine the content of the academic standards and curricula for public schools in this state, with public input and comment in accordance with all applicable laws." 2014 Election? No. www.governorbryant.com
"We're researching and looking at that now." 2014 Election? Yes. Odds? Likely R. cjonline.com Gov. Sam Brownback is in the process of researching Kansas' mathematics and English standards.
No public comments. 2014 Election? No.
Pushed for a delay of implementation for further study in May 2013. 2014 Election? Yes. Odds? Leans D. www.pennlive.com Gov. Tom Corbett puts a hold on Pennsylvania Common Core Standards' implementation to allow time for some modifications after lawmakers voiced opposition about this move that also would have brought passage of state exams a graduation requirement.