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Andrea Houston has a colourful suggestion. www.thestar.com By flying the rainbow at sites around the city, Toronto can reaffirm our collective support for human rights, diversity and acceptance of everyone.
Debbie Field offers some food for thought. www.thestar.com If policy-makers thought more about food, the health and economic benefits for Torontonians would be huge.
Edward J. Levy has suggestions for rush-hour transit. www.thestar.com We need a more ambitious regional relief line to transform our constrained system of poorly connected subways into a well-functioning network.
Michael Shapcott wants a fund to make affordable housing more attainable. www.thestar.com To get the new affordable homes Toronto requires, the city needs a dedicated housing fund.
Peter Rosenthal, Professor at the University of Toronto, has a big idea about policing. www.thestar.com If fewer of Toronto’s police officers carried guns, many lives would be saved.
What about a ravine park? www.thestar.com A city of Toronto's size and stature ought to have a world-class park. And our ravines are perfectly placed to become just that.
Chris Penrose thinks co-operation is the key. www.thestar.com The difference in educational achievement among various demographics was not created by schools, and cannot be schools' alone to solve.
Ken Greenberg, former Director of Urban Design and Architecture for Toronto, wants us to see the big picture. www.thestar.com As Toronto undergoes an extraordinary transformation, it’s more important than ever to understand how all of the city's issues are interconnected.
Colette Murphy’s Big Idea is about infrastructure. www.thestar.com Far-sighted cities around the world are adopting an improved process for ensuring that all residents benefit from infrastructure investments.
Steve Munro has big plans for the TTC. www.thestar.com Until Toronto learns to put transit first, it will never be a great city.
Jane Pyper is all about networking. www.thestar.com We should use the knowledge-sharing systems and expertise of the Toronto Public Library to create a living network of ideas.
Cherise Burda wants to unite the GTA. www.thestar.com It’s high time that we stopped thinking of downtown and the suburbs as enemies. In reality, they have more in common than ever before.
David Oleson says that density is what the city needs. www.thestar.com By using air rights, the city can build much-needed affordable housing units over publicly owned property.
Carol Wilding is taking a regional approach. www.thestar.com Only when municipal leaders across the region start collaborating will we be able to tackle regional problems like gridlock, jobs and inequality.
Trish Hennessy wants to raise the minimum wage. www.thestar.com Raising the minimum wage to $16.60 an hour would not only help the lowest paid workers make ends meet, it could be good for the economy, too.
Paul Bedford's idea is for the lovers. www.thestar.com Toronto needs to promote a level of engagement that befits a city of the GTA's size and ambition.
Donna Vakalis has a suggestion for the real-estate market. www.thestar.com A real-estate market where the cost of using a building is included in the price tag would encourage more sustainable development and more affordable housing.
Patrick Luciani has a bold transit plan. www.thestar.com By privatizing public transit the whole system can finally become both effective and a money-maker for the city rather than an enormous expense.
Roberto Dante Martella wants to know: how many languages do you speak? www.thestar.com If Toronto were to become a city of polyglots, we would all reap the cultural and economic rewards.
Corrado Paina thinks a winter art event is just the ticket. www.thestar.com Exhibition Place is abandoned in winter, as the city hibernates. An art biennial could bring Toronto to life amid the wintry weather.
Claudia Zuccato Ria from Toronto Botanical Garden has a big idea about green spaces. www.thestar.com
Physician and Giller Prize-winning author Vincent Lam's big idea is about transportation. www.thestar.com Transportation planning that explicitly supports cycling and walking would be an effective and inexpensive way to improve health in Toronto.
Graeme Stewart has big dreams for the suburbs. www.thestar.com The GTA can evolve into a network of diverse, interconnected and vibrant “town centres” dotting the suburban landscape from Oshawa to Hamilton.
Ratna Omidvar wants to showcase Toronto's diversity. www.thestar.com Exhibitions celebrating the experience of Toronto’s many immigrant residents would boost city morale and entice tourists.
Is Jeff Cohen's idea music to your ears? www.thestar.com Toronto music impresario Jeff Cohen says a music office at City Hall would do wonders for vitality, business and tourism in the GTA.
Sheldon Levy's big idea. www.thestar.com Toronto’s economic future depends on its becoming a city in which innovators with brash courage and great ideas want to live.
Anne Golden's big idea. www.thestar.com Congestion in the GTA has reached an untenable state. And with an additional 2.5 million people expected in the next 20 years, things are about to get much worse.
Donna Harrow's big idea. www.thestar.com Toronto has an opportunity and a responsibility to set an example of how justice and equality can be achieved in a multicultural metropolis.
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