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Check out the Star Big Ideas posed by these experts

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Check out our Star Big Ideas project here. www.thestar.com
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Andrea Houston has a colourful suggestion. www.thestar.com
Debbie Field offers some food for thought. www.thestar.com
Edward J. Levy has suggestions for rush-hour transit. www.thestar.com
Michael Shapcott wants a fund to make affordable housing more attainable. www.thestar.com
Peter Rosenthal, Professor at the University of Toronto, has a big idea about policing. www.thestar.com
What about a ravine park? www.thestar.com
Chris Penrose thinks co-operation is the key. www.thestar.com
Ken Greenberg, former Director of Urban Design and Architecture for Toronto, wants us to see the big picture. www.thestar.com
Colette Murphy’s Big Idea is about infrastructure. www.thestar.com
Steve Munro has big plans for the TTC. www.thestar.com
Jane Pyper is all about networking. www.thestar.com
Cherise Burda wants to unite the GTA. www.thestar.com
David Oleson says that density is what the city needs. www.thestar.com
Carol Wilding is taking a regional approach. www.thestar.com
Trish Hennessy wants to raise the minimum wage. www.thestar.com
Paul Bedford's idea is for the lovers. www.thestar.com
Donna Vakalis has a suggestion for the real-estate market. www.thestar.com
Patrick Luciani has a bold transit plan. www.thestar.com
Roberto Dante Martella wants to know: how many languages do you speak? www.thestar.com
Corrado Paina thinks a winter art event is just the ticket. www.thestar.com
Claudia Zuccato Ria from Toronto Botanical Garden has a big idea about green spaces. www.thestar.com
Physician and Giller Prize-winning author Vincent Lam's big idea is about transportation. www.thestar.com
Graeme Stewart has big dreams for the suburbs. www.thestar.com
Ratna Omidvar wants to showcase Toronto's diversity. www.thestar.com
Is Jeff Cohen's idea music to your ears? www.thestar.com
Sheldon Levy's big idea. www.thestar.com
Anne Golden's big idea. www.thestar.com
Donna Harrow's big idea. www.thestar.com
Thinglink created by Shauna Rempel www.thestar.com