In a number of Freud's theories, the father figure plays ...
In a number of Freud's theories, the father figure plays a key role. In the Rat Man's case, it appears that much emphasis is placed on the role of his father, while little focus is put on his mother. Freud's inability to look at a patient's full family life may have skewed his findings. (Image: Freud's own father. He was twenty years older than his mother- some of his children were older than Freud's mother- so it may have created confusion in Freud about relationships.)
Freud idolized his mother. So much, perhaps, that he did not wish to overanalyze any negative aspects about their relationship, leading to the unanalyzed relationship between the Rat Man and his mother.
Vienna, Austria- where Freud spent much of his life- was a booming city during the time Freud spent there. As such, it is possible that in order to make a name for himself in a bustling city, that Freud presented his studies in a more pleasant light than how they actually were. For example. in the case of the Rat Man, many discrepancies exist between the case notes and what Freud told audiences about the duration of the treatment. Freud also claimed that the treatment was a success, which may have been true, but there seems to have been little follow-up with Lanzer.
Ernst Lanzer
Sigmund Freud

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