summary 10 year old August Pullman has a deformed face. He's always been homeschooled until his parents make the very hard decision to let him go to middle school. He was given a tour of the school and on the first day of school, he was ready. At first day of school, he was stared at and bullied a lot. It seemed to him that he would never be able to fit in until a boy named Jack came up and became his best friend. At lunch, he sat not with Jack, but with and sweet girl named Summer. One day though, Jack said a very hurtful thing to Auggie. After that clear up, Auggie's whole class went on a field trip with a few other schools. While going to the bathroom at night though, Jack and Auggie got lost in the woods. A mean group of big boys and girls came up to them. They called August names, taunted him, and punched him and beat him up. The main leader took Auggie's new hearing aids. While this was happening, two other nice boys from Auggie's school came to help out. They usually didn't hang out with August though. They finally got out and told a teacher. This was taken care of and Auggie had made new friends. Everyone liked Auggie now and thought he was so tough. Although August was still stared at in other places, he felt his life had gotten so much better and he was glad he went to school.
connection book to book: As i read the book wonder, i made many connections to my last book that i read, Out Of My Mind. Auggie and Melody both had many different disadvantages, but they both had a mind and a say in many things, though not many people knew.
recommendation this is actually the very very best book i have ever read because it tells a real world problem and how rare his symptom is , but someone so young deals with it in such a mature way.
thanks for watching
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