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www.youtube.com 2013 Moon Phases in Fast Forward - Lunar Cycle NASA Video - YouTube
LEARNING GOALS:<br />A. Demonstrate and predict the sequence of events in the lunar cycle.<br /><br />B. Create an interactive link/instructional book that will explain and illustrate the Earth, Sun, and Moon cycles, including day and night,<br />seasons, lunar phases, and eclipses.
ACADEMIC LANGUAGE: eclipse  waxing gibbous  waning gibbous  waxing crescent  waning crescent  new moon  full moon  lunar eclipse  solar eclipse  first quarter moon  third quarter moon
Key Understandings and Guiding Questions: The changes in the Moon’s phase are due to changes in the angle between the Sun, Moon, and Earth. — How are the Sun, Moon, and Earth related to the lunar cycle? — Why does the Moon’s appearance change throughout the month?
ACTIVITY 2: LUNAR ALPHABET GOAL: Write a term(word) that applies to the Moon in the box that corresponds to the first letter of the term in the appropriate box. Note: Copy the example below in a Microsoft Word Document. Click on the link below to see the example. moodle.presidio-isd.net Presidio ISD: Log in to the site
ACTIVITY 1: POST AND REPLY TO EDMODO Log in to your Edmodo account and reply to my post.
www.youtube.com Lunar Cycle - YouTube
ACTIVITY 3: ASSESS YOUR PROGRESS Take this quiz to evaluate your mastery of our goal. moodle.presidio-isd.net Presidio ISD: Log in to the site
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www.youtube.com What Causes an Eclipse of the Moon? - YouTube
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