Right Angle: is a angle that is 90° angle. Acute Angle: Is less than a 90° angle. Obtuse Angle: Is bigger than a 90° angle. Complementary Angles: two angles that add up to 90° Supplementary Angles: two angles that add up to 180°. Congruent Angles: have the same measures. Vertex: the point were 2 lines meet to make a angle.
A circle: is a closed figure were all sides are the same distance from the middle. Diameter: a line segment that goes through the center of the circle. Chord: a line segment that connects 2 points on a circle. Arc: outside part of a circle that connects 2 points. Sector: a region surrounded by 2 radii and an arc. sketchup-math.wikispaces.com sketchup-math - Circle Vocabulary
Point: an exact point on a space. Line: straight path of points that goes on forever in 2 directions. Ray: part of a line, with 1 end point, extending forever in 1 directions. Line Segment: part of a line with 2 end points Midpoint: halfway between the 2 end points.
Congruent Line Segments: line segments that are in the same length. Intersecting Lines: goes through the same point. Parallel Lines: in the same place, but not intersect. Perpendicular Lines: intersecting lines that form an angle.
Triangle- Obtuse: is when 1 of the angles is obtuse. Right: there is 1 angle that is 90° Acute: when all angle are acute. Scalene: no sides are congruent. Isosceles: at least 2 sides are congruent. Equilateral: all side are congruent.
Plane: a 2D surface that never ends. beauty-places.com
Quadrilaterals: a figure that can be divided into 2 triangles. Squares/Rectangle: a square is were all sides are congruent, and a Rectangle a parallelogram with right angles. Parallelograms: quadrilateral with both pairs of opposite sides parallel Trapezoids: quadrilateral with only 1 pair of sides parallel. Rhombus: parallelogram with all sides congruent.
Translation: moves figures in a straight direction. Reflection: mirror image over a line. Glide Reflection: translation followed by a reflection. Rotation: moves a figure about a point.
Line of Symmetry: an invisible line that splits the figure in half; both sides are the exact same. Reflection Symmetry: a type of symmetry that one half is the reflection of the other. Rotational Symmetry: a figure that can be turned and have it still look the same.
This is how you use a Protractor! Click Below! drive.google.com Video 2014-02-25 01.12.41 PM.mov
This is a fun game you can play if your struggling in Geometry! www.coolmath-games.com The cool thing about this game of pool is that you get to see the geometry of the shots you're lining up! Plan your moves carefully and clear the table.
This is my Quiz! See how you do! docs.google.com Geometry Quiz

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