#IBM: DeepDives_Transportation
By automating & instrumenting its services with smart-card RFID, Qantas, Australia's largest airline, radically improved customer service and reduced check-in time by 60%. www.youtube.com YouTube
By applying advanced analytics to real-time traffic information, transportation departments can optimize roadway flow and help drivers avoid congestion. public.dhe.ibm.com
Cloud-based asset management solutions now automatically trigger maintenance activities by detecting risks and addressing them before they're problems. www.ibm.com The page you requested cannot be displayed (HTTP response code 404)
Transportation providers today use social media and big data to deliver personalized, targeted offers that better fit passengers' lifestyles. www.ibm.com Predict and reduce traffic congestion with analytics. Capture data with connected cars. Faster commutes, fewer collisions. Find the perfect parking spot. That’s smarter traffic management from IBM.
Smart mobile solutions help passengers stay informed while on-the-go, with real-time arrival updates and delay notifications. www.ibm.com Explore solutions for Passenger Rail providers that help manage capacity, optimize operations, increase revenue and improve the travel experience.

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