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When a person sneezes, who has the flu virus, the particles get into the air.
The flu particles float around and get swept through the air.
They end up getting sucked into other people's bodies when they breath in the infected air.
The virus goes through the nose and lands on one of the throat cells in the body.
The cell is covered with yellow nobs. If these nobs fit in the spaces located on the surface of the cell, the virus is welcomed into the center of the body.
The "Welcoming Committee" interlocks with the membrane and pulls it downward.
The virus then bursts open, and the infectious DNA is released. This is the map for how to make more viruses.
The DNA of the virus is fed through the nucleus, which in turn threads the DNA code through one side and out the other. When it comes out the other side, there is a new instruction manual for how to release more of the virus.
One virus entered the cell, but millions were produced.
Your immune system however attacks the virus when it spots it to keep you safe and healthy.
Your immune system sucks the virus in, and kills it.
Although the virus does multiply extremely fast, it is hoped that your immune system will work faster. This will help to keep you from getting sick and infected.
The flu vaccine causes antibodies to enter the body, about two weeks after getting the vaccine.
The antibodies provide protection against the infection by using the virus in the vaccine.
As the vaccine enters your body, it triggers your immune system. It sends red flags throughout your entire body, letting you know there is an invader. The picture of the lungs on the left is what your lungs look like without infection, versus the picture on the right where the lungs are extremely red and inflamed.
Your immune system quickly creates these antibodies which grow in numbers, fighting off the infection. Without the vaccine, your body wouldn't know how to protect itself from the virus, and you will become sick. This is what your body would look like with the vaccine, full of antibodies to protect your health and immune system.