Motor Neuron
An axon terminal is like a farmers market. The axon terminal transmits signals from the neuron, across the synapse, and to the other neurons. A farmers market consists of people giving or transmitting fruits or vegetables to other people.
A myelin sheath is like a jacket. A myelin sheath acts like an insulator for the axon. A jacket acts as an insulator for a person.
The node of ranvier is like an alley. The node of ranvier is a gap between the myelin sheaths. An alley is a gap between buildings.
The smooth ER is like a messenger. The smooth ER carries proteins from one part of the cell to the other. A messenger will carry messages from one part of the kingdom to another.
A microtubule is like a ship. And ship is loaded with material and transports and distributes it somewhere else. A microtubule helps distribute proteins throughout the cell.
A nucleus is like a castle. A nucleus is like a control center that controls all the happenings in the cell. A castle is like a control center that controls all the happenings inside a kingdom
A mitochondrion is like a wizard. A mitochondrion give a cell it's power. It creates ATP, which gives the cell the power to do what it has to do. A wizard could help the kingdom by using his magic, or power. S/he would be the main source of energy in the kingdom and would help get jobs done.
The Rough ER is like a librarian. The rough ER is just like the smooth ER except that it has ribosomes stuck to it. The rough ER carries proteins from one part of the cell to another. A librarian will distribute books to different people and to different places.
A nucleolus like a king. The nucleolus is the DNA that makes the cell what it is. A king is the DNA that tells the kingdom what to do
Polyribosomes are like builders. Builders help put various structures together. Polyribosomes help put proteins together in different parts of the cell.
Lysosomes are like servants. A lysosome is like a clean up crew. It will clean up any waste the cell has produced. A servant will clean up any waste or trash their employers produced.
Ribosomes are like a forge. Ribosomes produce proteins and enzymes. A forge produces weapons and metal tools.
A city wall is like a cell membrane. A cell membrane encircles the cell and provides protection to the cell. A city wall encircles a city and protects the city inside.
The Golgi Apparatus is like a mail carrier. The Golgi apparatus Receives proteins and packages and distributes them to other parts of the cell. A mail carrier receives mail from the post office and distributes it to different neighborhoods
The cytosol or cytoplasm is like glue. The cytoplasm is a fluid inside the cell that holds all the organelles together. Glue will hold nearly anything together
Dendrites are like spies. Dendrites receive signals from other neurons. Spies receive information from various sources.
A synapse is like a mail system. A synapse connects neurons to each other and transmits signals. A mail system is a connect system though which mail is distributed
A vacuole is like a cellar. A vacuole stores water inside the cell. A cellar stores miscellaneous items

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