Moving Around in iBook Author
Add Widgets such as review questions that auto grade.
Organize your content or topic by chapters. For example I have a Spreadsheet chapter, a Web Tools chapter, and etc...
Choose your layout. Do you want to have images, widgets, charts, tables, or just text.
Have your section act like dividers for the different parts of your topic. For example in my Spreadsheet chapter I have it broken down by Gathering Data, Making a Spreadsheet, then Making a Chart, and etc...
Give your content an eye catching title.
Add Media to your book. Video Clips, Sound Bites, and etc...
Use the Inspector to modify the different parts of your pages. For example your Review Questions, Shapes, Text, Charts, and etc...
Preview your book often. If you have the Mavrick OS then you can preview right on your Mac. If you do not then you will need to connect your iPad to your Mac to preview it.
Pick the orientation for your book.
Add Chapters, Sections, and etc...
The section highlighted here is the page you are currently editing.
If you content is more than once page it will auto flow to the next page.
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Create a Glossary for your students.
Have a fun intro video clip for your book.

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