American Honors a Hero: Jackie Robinson News Break
Crossing the Color Barrier: Jackie Robinson Crossing the Color Barrier: Jackie Robinson and the Men Who Integrated Major League Baseball Introduction On April 15, 1947, the ... Read More
The Jackie Robinson Foundation Page not found - Jackie Robinson Foundation
IMA Hero: Jackie Robinson Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a hero -- read about his life, the times in which he lived, and...
America's Story: Jackie Robinson Jackie Robinson Breaks the Color Barrier
Timeline of Jackie Robinson's life Timeline highlights significant events in Jackie Robinson's life from birth to modern day efforts of the Jackie Robinson Foundation.
Pebble Go
Ducksters Learn about the biography of Jackie Robinson, the first African-American to play Major League Baseball. He was a Hall of Fame player for the Brooklyn Dodgers who wore number 42.
ESPN Jackie changed face of sports
Encyclopedia Britannica Britannica School

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