What do you do on a snow day at school?
Students played with shovels and scoops to mix snow and coloured ice cubes.
Grade 6 students are just as curious as Kindergarten students. They are just better able to articulate their hypotheses and observations. Students wondered why the snow wasn't meting faster and discussed insulating properties of snow.
Can snow be warm? Find out at the Snow and Ice data centre. nsidc.org Snow Characteristics
Find ideas on Pinterest for using coloured ice cubes. www.pinterest.com Oct 28, 2019- Sensory play with ice and other experiments for kids!. See more ideas about Sensory play, Activities for kids and Toddler activities.
See more photos of our snow day adventures with 6Pike and JK/SK MacDougall/Bombardier! 6pike.blogspot.ca Having fun indoors with the snow. Grade 6 Pike and 6 Seguin are helping the Early Years students explore properties of liquids and solids, a...

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