My Year in Review
This is where I blog, every day. I write to think to reflect to create. Kevin's Meandering Mind | If you don't live it, it won't come out of your horn. ~ Charlie Parker
Fox News visited my classroom. It was fascinating and a little nerver-wracking. Host John Roberts visited our school to talk to students about digital citizenship, with the focus on privacy and data mining, and the worries that parents h...
John Norton generously asked me to write for Middleweb. So far, so good. I come at it from the stance of sharing and pushing the envelope around what we mean by "literacy." MiddleWeb's new English/LA blogger Kevin Hodgson (aka, dogtrax) introduces himself and promises to learn from and with teachers and other readers.
Mozilla's Teach the Web MOOC was my first MOOC, but won't be my last, as long as MOOCs run like this one does. It was participant-based, maker-orientated, and a powerful space for creating. Booya.
The Teach the Web experience helped situate my role as a facilitator in the Making Learning Connected MOOC or CLMOOC. Wow. So much was unexpected and so many people were creating amazing things ... an experience of a lifetime. Making Learning Connected — A Massively Open Online Collaboration about Connected Learning
Not to be confused with a MOOC, DS106 is a push into digital storytelling in so many directions. It connected me across the globe with creative minds, and helped me dive deeper into audio and visual tools, and technology, for telling stories. I'm still digesting it all, in a wonderful way. (Note: search "daily create" and get making stuff.) headless13
When I think of something new that I tried, and then brought to my classroom, Interactive Fiction (with Twine) tops them all. Here, students dove into multi-pronged narrative reading and writing, and publishing. Interactive Fiction is so different in so many ways, and I am so glad I made the plunge. Sign in - Google Accounts
The Hour of Code was supported by the titans of technology (Zuckerberg, Gates and company). Ignore that and you'll see that folks put a lot of thought into activities and experiences for all students to at least get a taste of coding and programming. We went way over an hour, and every minute was valuable learning. Computer science is foundational for every student to learn.
How do you explain the experience of writing a novel over a 48 hour period with hundreds of people in a collaborative, online setting? You can't. It was exhilarating, confusing, creative, and the storylines were so unexpected that even now, I can't quite remember which chapters I started, which pieces I added, and how the whole thing hangs together. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. read{make}
I was lucky to be asked to present a few times in Boston for the National Writing Project and National Council of Teachers of English annual meetings. I shared some thoughts on video game design, MOOCS, encouraging teachers as writers, and was honored to be asked to share a classroom vignette during outgoing NCTE President Sandy Hayes' speech. Home page - 2013 Annual Meeting - National Writing Project
The #nerdlution is a community connected on Twitter. Folks make a resolution and keep at it for 50 days. I'm commenting on 50 blogs over 50 days, and others are up to all sorts of neat things. This video is from a weekend when I facilitated the writing of six word #nerdlution memoirs. The song was collaboratively written. - created at

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