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Taken: Toronto's homicide victims in 2013

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O’Marie Brooks, 22 On Jan. 1, police responded to a call for a stabbing in the parking lot of Randy’s Sports Bar in North York. Brooks was driven to hospital by friends where he later died. Nicholas Silvera, 29, of Toronto, turned himself in the next day and was charged with second-degree murder. www.thestar.com A man has been charged in Toronto's first homicide of 2013 after turning himself in to police Tuesday.
Tyson Bailey, 15 “He was always a pleasant child. . . That’s all he used to do, smile,” said mother Christina Scott. “In the community you could never hear no tell of this child . . . What we gon’ do. Can’t bring him back.” On Jan. 18, emergency crews found Bailey shot at the top of a stairwell in a Regent Park apartment. Paramedics had to carry him down 12 flights of stairs after the elevators were inoperable. He died shortly after arriving at a hospital. His killer has not been found. www.thestar.com “Tyson was a good kid,” says mother Christina Scott.
Bridget Takyi, 27 “She took pride in working hard for her children and taking good care of them. Her children came first in everything that she did and she always made sure that her children had what they needed,” read a funeral tribute from Takyi’s mother. “As a mother, Ama was so self-sufficient that you will see her carrying one child in each arm while also carrying their many bags and when you will ask her if she needed help, she will give you a shy smile and say, ‘No.’” On Jan. 19, police were called to Richgrove Dr., in Mt. Dennis for unknown trouble. They discovered Takyi burned and brutally stabbed beyond recognition. She died of multiple sharp force injuries. Emmanuel Owusu-Ansah, 30, the father of Takyi’s two children, was charged with first-degree murder. He had previously been charged with several counts of assault and uttering a death threat against Takyi, but had been released on bail Dec. 5, 2012. www.thestar.com More than 400 people attended a celebration of Bridget Takyi's life Saturday. The 27-year-old Etobicoke woman was attacked and killed Jan. 19.
Jose Ignacio Ortiz, 65 On Jan. 19, police responded to a gas leak call at an apartment in the west end where they found Ortiz dead from blunt force trauma to the head. Leahann Hohmann, 50, was arrested on Jan. 23 and charged with second-degree murder. She has previously faced manslaughter charges and struggled with mental illness, according to family. www.thestar.com Leahann Hohmann, 50, has been charged with second-degree murder in the killing of Jose Ortiz, 65, who died of blunt-force trauma Saturday.
Nyumwai Caroline Mkurazhizha, 23 On Feb. 2, police were called a North York home for unknown trouble. They found Mzurazhizha strangled. She later died in hospital. The woman, original from Zimbabwe, was the daughter of former police commissioner Henry Mkurazhizha. Mohamed Adam Bharwani, 18, of Toronto, was charged with first-degree murder. Police say the two had “no relationship.” www.thestar.com Police have revealed the victim of a Saturday homicide as a young woman taking courses at the London School of Business and Finance.
St. Aubyn Rodney, 15 “He’s always the life of the party and (had) a ton of jokes to tell,” said Jordan McFarlane, Rodney’s former basketball coach. “He always felt like he wanted to be a part of something special.” On Feb. 11, Rodney was shot in the torso inside his Turf Grassway apartment near Jane and Finch. He was inside with friends when a gun appeared and he was shot. He didn’t survive the night. A 17-year-old teen said to be Rodney’s friend was arrested and charged with manslaughter. www.thestar.com 15-year-old from near Jane and Finch remembered as lighthearted and animated.Police are calling the death of a 15-year-old boy in the Jane and Finch area suspicious after they were called to a lowrise apartment Monday.
Naveed Shahnawaz, 19 “He’d always call me coach,” said Mike Di Florio, who met Shahnawaz when he walked into his Bramlea Boxing Club at age 10. He would go on to be one of his best boxers and a “formidable” fighter, but never lost his gentlemanly nature. “He’d walk in and say: “‘Hi coach, how’s your day coach?’ He was such a respectful kid.” On Feb. 10, Shahnawaz was hit by gunfire in the parking lot outside Musik nightclub. On Feb. 15, after several days in hospital in critical condition, he was taken off life support. SIU were called in to investigate after police officers shot a car fleeing the scene. A 23-year-old man was also injured. Tony Hoang Dinh, 18, is charged with first-degree murder. www.thestar.com Shahnawaz, who died Friday after being shot outside a nightclub on the CNE grounds last Sunday, had a “big heart” and “was such a respectful kid,” says his coach.
Jarvis Montaque, 15 “Jarvis, he fit in . . . He’s not afraid to act stupid, or dance or make a joke,” Roshea Gunnis said of her 15-year-old brother who moved from Jamaica to live with his parents and 10 sisters. Outside the home he was shy and reserved. But inside the walls of the family home he was always laughing. “When he first came, he was just like, ‘Here I am!’ . . . I’m going to miss not seeing him in the morning.” On Feb. 17, Montaque was listening to music with two friends outside his Rexdale home when a man approached and shot once into the group. Montaque later died of a gunshot wound to the chest. His killer has not been found. www.thestar.com As the family of Jarvis Montaque — the teen shot to death just outside his front door Sunday night — grieves, police, city leaders rallied Tuesday to speak on community safety after four youths under age 16 have died by gun in four weeks.
Thuan (Tony) Nguyen, 25 On Feb. 24, police found a man shot five times in a rear parking lot after police believe he attended VY VY Restaurant and Lounge in Rexdale. He was pronounced dead at the scene. His killer has not been caught. www.thestar.com Toronto police say a 25-year-old man gunned down outside a late-night dance party in the city’s north end was killed in a “targeted execution” by two suspects and had an extensive history of drug trafficking charges.
Michael Cocomello Mandino, 20 “He loved my baking,” says mother Sandra Cocomello. She made him a strawberry shortcake, his favourite, for his 20th birthday in February - less than a month before he was killed. “He was every mom’s dream.” On March 4, police were called to a west-end apartment for a man suffering obvious stab wounds. Police said he’d left the apartment he shared with his mother and was stabbed less than a block away. He managed to return to doorstep of his apartment, where his mother came to his aid before emergency crews arrived. He later died in hospital. A youth was arrested for his murder in August. www.thestar.com Police have identified a 20-year-old man they believe was lured from his home and stabbed to death.
Kamanlall Singh, 49 On March 6, police responded to a call for ambulance at a Rexdale apartment where a man was found beaten to death. Police said the victim got into a fight with girlfriend Helena Gonsalves, 50 and mutual friend Eustache Economou, 39. Both have been charged with second-degree murder. www.thestar.com Investigators say drinking preceded fatal attack on Kamanlall Singh, 49, at Toronto Community Housing unit where he lived.
Joycelyn Dickson, 72 On March 14, police received a call for an assault in progress at the Wexford Residence Long-Term Care facility in the east end. Dickson was found bludgeoned to death. Another 91-year-old woman was also injured. Peter Roy Brooks, 72, another resident of the home, was arrested and charged with second-degree murder and aggravated assault. www.thestar.com Woman dead: Police have man in custody after attack on two women at Wexford Residence in Scarborough.
Nisan Nirmalendran, 21 On March 21, police were called to a senior’s home on Bleecker St. for the sound of gunshots. Police found Nirmalendran suffering life-threatening wounds after he used an elderly woman believed to be in her 90s as a human shield against his attacker. His killer has not been caught. Nirmalendran’s brother Nixon was killed last year in the Eaton Centre shooting that left one other dead. www.thestar.com Nisan Nirmalendran, 21, died in hospital after Thursday night’s shooting at a seniors’ home.
Anthony Smith, 21 On March 28, police were called to King St. West. for reports of a shooting. Two men were located on the sidewalk suffering from gunshot injuries, including Smith who had been shot in the head. Both men were taken hospital where Smith died shortly after. Both men were at Loki Lounge prior to the shooting. Nasir Hashimi and Hanad Mohamed were both arrested and charged with first-degree murder and aggravated assault. Hashimi plead guilty to charges of manslaughter. Since then, Smith has been connected to an ongoing scandal involving Mayor Rob Ford. A picture taken of Smith and Ford with two alleged gang members was taken outside what police called a “trap house (crack house).” www.thestar.com Speculation has run rampant Mayor Rob Ford may be connected to a series of violent incidents in North Etobicoke. That does not appear to be the case.
Michael Nguyen, 23 On March 30, police were called to Yorkdale Mall for reports of shots fired in the parking lot. Two men were located in the west parking lot suffering from gunshot wounds. Nguyen was pronounced dead at the scene. The other man, 24, recovered in hospital. Police said an altercation is believed to have started inside the mall and spilled out into the parking lot. There have been no arrests. www.thestar.com Police say two men shot at the Yorkdale Shopping Centre on March 30 were known members of a Toronto gang.
Ji (George) Jia, 59 & Shi (Shirley) Zhou, 51 On March 31, police attended an east end home after a relative called 9-1-1. Jia and Zhou were found dead inside. Their son, Li Tian Jia, 26, was arrested and charged with two counts of first-degree murder. www.thestar.com Son charged with two counts of first-degree murder in relation to his parents’ deaths. Li Tian Jia, 26, appeared in court Monday morning.
Natasha Perez, 28 “She was a beautiful person,” said cousin Daniela Alvarez. On April 6, police were called to Perez’s Regent Park apartment for unknown trouble. Perez, a young mother, was found suffering from obvious signs of trauma and was pronounced dead at the scene. An autopsy showed she died of a neck wound. Brian Harte, 42, of Toronto, was charged with second-degree murder. www.thestar.com Natasha Perez was found dead in her Toronto Community Housing apartment in Regent Park Saturday morning.
Kwado "Kojo" Mensah, 20 On April 25, police were called to a Scarborough housing complex for the sound of gunshots. Mensah was pronounced dead at the scene with a fatal wound to the chest. Later that evening, police were called to hospital for a 32-year-old man with a gunshot wound to his lower body. The two shootings are believed to be connected. Mensah was a former Don Bosco football player who was coached by Mayor Rob Ford. Sheldon Ashton Scrubb, 18, of Milton was arrested and charged with second-degree murder. www.thestar.com Kwado "Kojo" Mensah was gunned down near a housing co-op at Morningside Ave. and Old Finch Ave. on Thursday.
Dylan Palumbo, 28 “Last year, his old roommate and him adopted a pet pig that was supposed to be a ‘mini pig’ that would stay small and be suitable as a household pet. That adorable little pig, named Basket, had mostly free run of his place and lived like a squealing pet puppy,” said high school friend Chris Orbz. “Does that sound like something typical of a gangster’s drug den? No, but it was typical of a positive, fun and silly home environment like the one Dylan was trying to maintain for himself and his friends.” On April 25, police were called for a home invasion at a North York apartment where they found Palumbo suffering from stab wounds after he was attacked in the shower. Police alleged two armed men were involved in the attack. No one has been caught. www.thestar.com Dylan Palumbo, 28, was stabbed to death while stepping out of his shower at his apartment near Yonge St. and Sheppard Ave.
Valence Mills, 47 On April 29, police responded to a call for a fight at north-end apartment. They found Mills suffering from obvious trauma and he was pronounced dead at the scene. Toronto man Ian Senior, 30, was charged with first-degree murder.
Alan Clements, 58 On April 30, police responded to a stabbing in Scarborough where they found Clements suffering from obvious wounds. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Toronto man Kalib Dufty, 23, was charged with second-degree murder. Clements was a father of two and grandfather of three. www.thestar.com Toronto police have identified Alan Clements as the victim of a fatal stabbing on Kingston Rd. on April 30.
Quincy Martin Ramirez, 35 “Here you see him celebrating his 33rd birthday. Quincy ways the life of the party,” said sister Ursula Ramirez. “He called it ‘The Quinsation Party.’ Everyone was invited and it was white attire – Huge BBQ, plenty of food, great drinks and of course amazing music. At the end of the night he finished it off with fireworks. Quincy went all out. He loved celebrating his birthday. He loved life, his family and friends and he always showed it . . . Quincy was my only brother and he meant the world to me.” On May 19, police were called to an Ossington Ave. and Dundas. St. apartment for sounds of gunfire. Police found Ramirez suffering from obvious gunshot wounds. He later died in hospital. Toronto man Edwin Scott Parkinson, 67, was charged with first-degree murder. Police say the two men had a long-standing dispute over renovations that went to small claims court. www.thestar.com Quincy Ramirez, 35, was shot twice Sunday outside an apartment building near Ossington Ave. and Dundas St.
Baby Spanidis, ~1 On May 23, police were called to a Toronto hospital where 25-year-old Angelica Spanidis was admitted. Staff said she had recently given birth, but there was no baby to be found. The baby’s body was later recovered in Cambridge, Ont. after police received information it had been dumped in a clothing bank bin. Spanidis was charged with first-degree murder. www.thestar.com A 25-year-old woman has been charged by Toronto police in her newborn’s death.
Surendra Vaithilingam, 38 On May 29, police were called to a Malvern area home where Vaithilingam had been fatally shot. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Police say three men approached the house in broad daylight as Vaithilingam worked on interlock in the backyard for his child’s upcoming birthday party. They have not been caught. www.thestar.com Surendra Vaithilingam: Motive a mystery as police release photos of Scarborough shooting victim | Toronto Star
Xin Ying Lu, 66 On June 1, police were called to a home in Scarborough for a woman who was suffering obvious signs of trauma. She later died in hospital. Police arrested Lu’s son, Jianwen Chen. He is charged with second-degree murder. www.thestar.com Jianwen Chen, 39, was initally charged with aggravated assault after a 66-year-old woman suffered serious injuries. She later died.
Byron Linares, 27 On June 16, police responded to a call for a shooting at a North York apartment. Police discovered Linares shot once. www.thestar.com Byron Linares, 27, was found dead from a single gunshot wound in a condo building near Yonge St. and Sheppard Ave.
Rebecca Ransome, 27 “Taken from us suddenly and far too soon in Toronto in the early morning of June 27th. Dearly loved by her heartbroken parents Gord and Liz,” her obituary read. On June 26, police were called to an apartment near Broadview Ave. and Danforth Ave. for a medical call and found Ransome, a legal assistant at McCarthy Tétrault, stabbed in the chest. She was pronounced dead in hospital. Her boyfriend, 26-year-old Kyle Padmore, was charged with second-degree murder. www.thestar.com Toronto police have named Rebecca Ransome, as the victim of a fatal stabbing on Broadview Ave. late Wednesday night.
Hussein Sobrie, 45 On July 9, police responded to a call at an apartment near Sherbourne St. and Dundas St. where they found a Sobrie already dead. Derrick Witter, 52, is charged with manslaughter. www.thestar.com Police said the victim, Hussein Sobrie, 45, was assaulted three days earlier in the Sherbourne St. and Dundas St. E. area.
Janina Wrigglesworth, 72 On July 13, emergency crews responded to a fire at a North York apartment. Later the body of Wrigglesworth was discovered. Blake Anthony Wilson, 26, is charged with first-degree murder. It’s not known how Wrigglesworth – who worked in the sex trade and taxes – knew Wilson. www.thestar.com Janina Wrigglesworth earned money doing taxes for the Polish community before her murder, but also moonlighted. Police say that plays a “key role” in their investigation.
Nicholas Cruz, 2 On July 14, police were called to a local hospital for the death of a toddler who had signs of injuries. His mother Marleny Cruz, 25, and her common-law partner Joel France, 36, were both charged with second-degree murder. France is also charged with assault. Court documents show the boy was killed sometime between May 14 and July 14. www.thestar.com Police were called to Toronto Western Hospital Sunday night after boy died showing signs of “chronic injuries.”
Tatiana Khalilova, 49, Svetlana Babaega, 76, & Victor Zybin, 76 On July 15, police were called to a townhome in Etobicoke for unknown trouble where they discovered three dead. In a nearby ravine, officers confronted 22-year-old Alexander Khalilov, who was wielding a knife. He was arrested and charged with three counts of second-degree murder. Those killed are his mother, aunt and uncle. www.thestar.com Suspect, 22, faces second-degree murder charges in death of three family members.
Christopher Kotsopoulos, 26 “He loved fishing. He loved the country. My parents have a cottage, you know, they used to go up there all the time. That was definitely a favourite thing of his,” said his uncle Jim Kotsopoulos. “He loved his family. There’s nothing he wouldn’t do for his family or his friends.” On Aug. 5, police and paramedics were in the Swansea Mews area when shots rang out. They responded to a common area in the community housing complex and found Kotsopoulos suffering from a gunshot wound to the chest. He was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead. No gun or suspects were found. www.thestar.com Toronto police have identified Christopher Michael Kotsopoulos as the victim of Sunday’s slaying.
Yusuf Ahmed, 21 On Aug. 12, police were called to a shooting on near Weston Rd. just outside of Rexdale where they found Ahmed shot in the upper body. He was later pronounced dead in hospital. On Aug. 21 and 22, police arrested 18-year-old Yasin Abdulle and 21-year-old Michael Monney, and charged them with first-degree murder. www.thestar.com A 19-year-old man and two minors face charges of first-degree murder into the shooting death of 21-year-old Yusuf Ahmed.
Tahj Loor-Walters, 15 On July 28, police responded to a shooting near Jane and Finch and found Loor-Walters shot in the parking lot of the Yorkwoods Plaza. Police say surveillance footage shows Loor-Walters rolling up to a cream-coloured car on his bicycle with dozens of others standing around when he is shot. He died Aug. 13 in hospital. No suspects have been arrested. www.thestar.com The last words Tahj Loor Walters said to his next-door neighbour were: "Soon come back." He never did. The teen died Aug. 13 after being shot two weeks earlier.
O’She Doyles-Whyte, 16 & Kwame Duodu, 15 On Aug. 23, police were called to a complex on Grandravine Dr. near Jane and Finch for a shooting. They located Doyles-Whyte shot dead and a wounded Duodu, who was transported to hospital and died hours later. Three people were seen fleeing the scene on bicycles, which were later recovered. No suspects have been arrested. www.thestar.com Latest murders leave neighbourhood in shock. There have been five shootings, four of them fatal, in the past six months.
Yusuf Tifow, 16 On Sept. 1, police were called for a shooting at an apartment in the Weston Rd. community where they found Tifow with an obvious gunshot wound. He was pronounced dead in hospital. Another teen, 14, was charged with manslaughter. www.thestar.com The14-year-old was ordered released with strict conditions after a dramatic hearing in front of two grieving families.
Anthony Koko Chang, 62 “He would speed walk regularly, clipping a pedometer on one side of his belt (which held up his pants way too high with a stained t-shirt tucked in), and a musical-practice metronome on the other side of his belt to help him keep his pace while speed walking,” his son Maurice wrote in a Buzzfeed post online. “He’d enter his daily step-count religiously into an Excel spreadsheet that he started literally a decade ago. He’d cook vegetarian porridges in his underwear with various types of millet, grain, rice, vegetables, and ginger, and slurp it loudly as he watched video-tutorials on a type of Chinese healing body-pressure-point treatment, which he’d then go around the city offering treatments to the happiest of ‘patients’ for free (or for gas money) despite struggling (not desperately struggling, but border-lining on discomfort) to keep bill payments on time.” On Sept. 12, police were called to a North York home where they found Chang suffering stab wounds. Kimnarine Keshan Maharaj, 24, faces charges of second-degree murder. Police say the two men met when their vehicles collided on Sept. 10 – Chang on his scooter and Maharaj in a work truck. Chang, being a spiritual man, decided to give Maharaj a break and settle on damages outside of insurance. The two men had planned to meet and police believe they were disputing over the amount in quoted damage to Chang’s scooter. www.thestar.com Two days before he was viciously stabbed to death outside his North York home, 62-year-old Anthony Chang — better known as Koko — offered mercy to a younger man after their lives collided on the road.
Dominic Parker, 45 “45 years young and a fiercely proud ‘Beacher,’ Dom lived the dream until September 16, 2013 when he was taken from us far too suddenly,” his obituary read. “In a lifetime filled with adventure, he was a 48th Highlander, bicycle courier, film worker, and a firefighter with the Markham Fire Department. Dominic also had a love of fishing, hunting and piloting his Zodiac in and around Toronto harbor and at ‘The Farm.’ His infectious smile and way with words warmed the hearts of all he came into contact with.” On Sept. 14, police were called to Rotana Cafe on Danforth Ave. where they found an off-duty fireman, Parker, stabbed inside. Nabil Huruy, 23, fled and was later arrested. After Parker died in hospital, Huruy’s was charged with first-degree murder. www.thestar.com Family struggling to deal with unprovoked attack on Dominic Parker, a former member of the military reserves.
Kahivesa Kavenandjamo, 25 On Sept. 17, police were called to the back parking lot of a Willowridge apartment complex where they found Kavenadjamo suffering from obvious gunshot wounds inside the passenger seat of a parked vehicle. He had been shot through a closed window. He later died in hospital. No suspect has been arrested. www.thestar.com Police have identified the victim as Kahivesa Kavenandjamo, 25, of Toronto.
Merlishar Holder, 31 On Sept. 20, police were called to an Eglinton Ave. West apartment for a stabbing. They found Holder dead in the hallway, stabbed in the neck, and a man, said to be her boyfriend, dead from an apparent suicide after jumping from the apartment balcony. www.thestar.com Toronto police are continuing to probe the scene of an incident Friday that left a man and a woman dead.
Deronn Earle, 31 On Sept. 23, police were called to a shooting on Queen St. East and Ontario St. where they found Earle lying on the sidewalk. He later died in hospital. No suspects have been arrested. www.thestar.com Toronto police have identified Deronn Earle, 31, as the city’s most recent shooting victim.
Rigat Essag Ghirmay, 28 On May 24, police were called to a trail near Jane St. and Eglinton Ave. after a civilian found a bag with Ghirmay’s dismembered torso. Adonay Zekarias, 42, a man who Ghirmay was living with and who is also accused in the murder of another Eritrean woman, Nighisti Semret, is charged with first-degree murder. www.thestar.com Two women who immigrated to Toronto from Eritrea both met brutal ends seven months apart. Police say the same man murdered them both.
Rameez Khalid, 19 On Oct. 6, police were called to Richmond St. East and York St. during Nuit Blanche for a stabbing where they found Khalid suffering from injuries. Police say Khalid and a group had a fight inside a pop-up rave several blocks away that was not part of the festivities and were approached by the group again when Khalid was attacked. He later died in hospital. Emanuel Lozada, 22, is wanted for second-degree murder. www.thestar.com Emanuel Lozada of Toronto is wanted in the downtown incident, believed to have begun at a rave not linked to the arts fest.
Leila Chandrapaul, 37 On Oct. 13, police responded to a call for a stabbing at 33 King St. where they found Chandrapaul with obvious wounds. She was pronounced dead at the scene. Her partner, Areef Khan, 34, was charged with second-degree murder. www.thestar.com Police found 37-year-old Leila Chandrapaul dead inside a Weston-area apartment Sunday night. The incident was a “domestic situation,” police said.
Danny La, 22 A former shoe store employee and George Brown College student, La’s friends knew him as the “Footwear King.” “He was quite a character,” said former coworker Ranjana Kaur. “He was a really good friend. Funny.” On, Sept. 30, police responded to a man severely beaten in Chinatown. He was taken to hospital and died weeks later. www.thestar.com A man has died of injuries suffered when he was beaten with a baseball bat last month during an early-morning brawl downtown.
Yassin Obsien, 31 On Nov. 1, police were called to the Regent Park area where Obsien was found dead, run over by a vehicle. Police believe Osien and a man had been in an altercation when Obsien was knocked unconscious on the road. An uninvolved driver passed by, hitting him. Police arrested 40-year-old Jeffrey Mark and charged him with manslaughter. www.thestar.com One man has been charged with manslaughter after another man he was fighting with in the middle of the road near Regent Park was hit and killed by a passing car.
Francisco Da Silva, 87 "Our dad was such a quiet, sweet old man who didn't know the English language but never forgot to say 'please and thank-you,'" said daughter Ariovalda Do Vale. On Nov. 9, police were called to Casteview Wynchwood nursing home on Christie St. where they found DaSilva dead with head injuries. Police arrested Francesco Greco, 81, his roommate, at the home and charged him with second-degree murder. www.thestar.com Francisco DaSilva, 87, is dead and another resident is in police custody after an incident at Castleview Wychwood Towers Saturday morning.
Gaethan Kitadi, 20 On Nov. 10, police were called to an apartment on Main St. in the east end for a shooting. They found Kitadi shot in a hallway of his building after he and guests were celebrating his birthday upstairs. Surveillance footage caught several men in a scuffle with Kitadi in the hallway moments earlier when someone pulled a gun and Kitadi was shot in the back. www.thestar.com Police have released surveillance video showing suspects in slaying of a Toronto man this month.
Neeko Mitchell, 25 On Nov. 25, police were called to the North Kipling Community Centre where Mitchell was found shot with what police believe were high-velocity rounds. Police said he was there to watch his little brother play in a basketball tournament. His killer has not been found. www.thestar.com Police say two men and one woman are seen in video taken at North Kipling Community Centre in Rexdale where Mitchell, 25, was fatally shot.
Janet Williams, 60 On Nov. 25, police were called to a Lawrence Park home for a stabbing. Williams was found with stab wounds and later died in hospital. Her son, Neil Williams, 27, was arrested and charged with second-degree murder. www.thestar.com A mother is dead and her son in custody after a stabbing before dinner time Monday.