Liberty means freedom - Courtney
Liberty means hope - Hayden
Liberty means independence - Savannah
Liberty means America's hope - Jesus
Liberty is being able to do why you want as long as you don't break the law - Zoe
Liberty means you can be different - Tristan
Liberty means friendship and honor - Emily
Liberty means peace - Kenasyn
Liberty means no more slavery - AJ
Liberty means being whoever you want to be - Logan W.
Liberty means breaking the chains - AW
Liberty means following your dreams - Amelia
Liberty means nobody owns you -Christopher
Liberty means being able to express yourself - Kaylynn
Liberty means you are able to speak out Virtual Tour
Liberty symbolizes stepping forward - Wyatt
Liberty is the sign of hope - Molly
Liberty symbolizes the step to freedom - Randy
Liberty is when you have the courage to stand up for your country - Carlie
Liberty is the footsteps in the past - Isabell
Liberty is being set free - Shelby
Liberty is remembering the new union of the United States - Marshall
Liberty is hope for our country' future - Logan F
Liberty is friendship and freedom for everyone - Chloe
Liberty is a memorial of the war - Maverick
Liberty is something we should be proud of - Callie
Liberty is remembering the people before us - Chance
Liberty means to keep walking forward - Shane
Liberty means beauty - Baillie
Liberty means to stand up for people - Virginia
Liberty means to help people stand up - Tyler
Liberty lets us hope for a better future - Kamrie
Liberty is a sign for the United States freedom - Autumn
Liberty means hope for Americans - Abby

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