Aunt Renie's map of the world where all the storymoocers are. She is taking a whirl-wind 8 week tour to each of these cities. Where do the "The Future of Storytelling" MOOC participants come from? Click on "Additions" > "Add Marker - Simple" to create an entry.
Google Map with some experiences and follies in Brussels Aunt Renie's Adventure in Brussels
In Bern i watched this Bundeshaus lightshow telling a nice story about switzerland, fantastic. Oh and i bought a 'Mandelbärli', the traditional bear cake. Last 3 minutes of the Lightshow bundeshaus 2013, Bern Switzerland
In Maasticht I participated in a Problem based learning session Description of how a day looks like for a student at Maastricht University. This movie includes a presentation of a tutorial group. Moreover, the Problem-Bas...
Aunt Renie and the Winter Hat Aunt Renie called last week. I was surprised she remembered me at all, we only met once and that was years ago. She made a great impression on me then, so when she asked to meet me I decided I could...
Aunt Renie's short couchsurfing trip to Barcelona. That was probably the coolest couchsurfer I’ve ever hosted! I thought she was just making fun in her couchsurfing profile, when I saw her age, but after I checked her pictures, I wasn’t so sure...
Aunt Renie goes to Peru Page Not Found
last night aunt renie could feel it one more time. she was at a piano bar in a strange little warm town near the pacific ocean. he was soft and played the keyboard with his tired blue eyes. a classic tune, old-fashioned... she was quietly happy, just drinking a bit fast. it seemed like someone were waiting for her outside. after the last song she took her tired smile to the beach and faced the stars. she closed her eyes and saw a whale. she smiled again and embraced its cold. she started to hear a song... and then the whale took off... ambient song for #auntrenie #storymooc hoping you can dance with the stars forever. love.
In the Alps with Paolo “. @daisycrowndream She's fine. We went to the mountain: she made good use of the hat she bought with you. #AuntRenie”

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