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Functional Skills Resources www.livebinders.com Functional Skills Resources
PD4P: Professional Development for Practitioners (CPD) www.livebinders.com PD4P: Personal Development for Practitioners
One-stop shop to all my binders www.livebinders.com
FE and Skills Teachmeets www.livebinders.com FE & Skills: Teachmeets
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NewTS - New Technology Suppliers (Past Event) www.livebinders.com NewTS Event
CPD - good stuff but is it appropriate for Practitioners? Feb 2014 www.livebinders.com CPD Forum
YouTube Video Clips for Maths This LiveBinder is an opportunity for Mathematics Practitioners and/or their Learners to share YouTube Mathematics Channels with each other. www.livebinders.com YouTube Video Clips for Maths
Equality & Diversity Resources for the FE & Skills Sector www.livebinders.com Equality & Diversity
VLE-ETC: VLE Evaluation Tool for Content. Resources, tool, recordings and more. www.livebinders.com VLE-ETC
Adult Learners: Alive Binder to support the Annual Adult Learners' Week www.livebinders.com Adult Learners
TeSSA: Tool for eSafety Self Assessment and Resources to raise awareness about eSafety/Safeguarding Issues. www.livebinders.com TeSSA
This Education App Reviewing Tool (EAR Tool) is designed as an interactive resource to aid Stakeholders when assessing the quality of proposed/existing Educational Apps. www.livebinders.com Education App Reviewing Tool