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Francine (in Buffalo) "One down!!! The Sony 55" W802A Series LED Internet TV is $1,499 at Sears and the sales clerk assures me that Sony controls the price so it will be the same everywhere."
By 10 a.m. Francine has nailed two items on the list, a TV and a J. Crew sweater.
Patty (in Toronto): Price $400 at Mastermind
Patty (in Toronto): A Mastermind employee guessed it was between $30 or $40
Patty (in Toronto): Haven't found the long sleeved youth t-shirt in large anywhere yet.
Patty (in Toronto): $349 with mail in rebate at Canadian Tire, a saving of $150 off regular price.
Patty (in Toronto): Not on store shelves in Canada.
Patty (in Toronto): $197.99 at The Source, Best Buy and Future Shop. Regular price: $219. Last summer's blue and green model on sale for $179 at Future Shop.
Patty (in Toronto): Didn't find it on sale but Future Shop had it in stock for $319. It was sold out at Best Buy.
Patty (in Toronto): 20 per cent off $1699 price tag at Sears plus another 10 per cent with Sears card. $1399 at Best Buy.
Patty (in Toronto): $799 at The Source. Can only buy it at Best Buy and Future Shop with plans.
Patty (in Toronto): $20 at Indigo. List price: $32
Francine (in Buffalo): At Best Buy, I found the Go Pro Hero 3 White edition for $200. But the much better black edition was on sale for $250, or $70 off.
Francine (in Buffalo): I couldn't find the Galaxy phone for less than $800, unless you got a phone plan.
Francine (in Buffalo): I found the mixer for $199 at Best Buy in white, $200 with 274 watt motor and 4.5 litres
Raju (shopping online): The best deal was for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 unlocked, from a Manitoba-based store for $500. It is regularly over $700 at other outlets.
Raju (shopping online): The JCrew Jackie Cardigan, women’s medium, pinot noir colour, was only available from JCrew itself, but with a 30 per cent off sale code, in U.S. dollars, it was regularly priced at $78, it came to $54.60 + $9.95 for shipping to Canada.
Raju (shopping online): Lego Mindstorms Ev3 for $399.86 from That’s regular price but you do get free shipping.
Raju (shopping online): The Malcolm Gladwell Book, David and Goliath, was $16 from versus $19 from Chapters, and both offer free shipping, but you have to spend more than $25.
Raju (shopping online): Beats by Dre Solo HD were $198 from Chapters. That’s regular price, and sounds like my colleagues found better in store deals.
Raju (shopping online): Goldie Blox and the Spinning Machine was available for a number of places for $34.95 Canadian. It’s a very hot toy and that is regular price.
Raju (shopping online): Go Pro 3 Hero White Edition was found for $239.99, from a few online electronics shops, and qualified for free shipping.
Raju (shopping online): The Under Armour long sleeve, youth large sized shirt was found online at many retailers for $34.95, so it was worth it to buy from source for $29.99, where it came with free shipping.
Raju (shopping online): The Kitchen Aid Mixer were available at many online retailers for $349.99, but there is a online rebate – usually $50 or $75, depending on the model - available at
Raju (shopping online): The Sony 55 Inch TV was found for $1385 at Etobicoke based Boss Sound, but it was in store pick-up only. It was $1399 from Sony itself online.