Places I've Been Collage
This is the bridge that leads to the popular fishing resort in Missouri called Bennett Springs. Its a place my family and I have gone to since I was very, very little.
Bear Country USA is a very small wildlife park that my family and I drove through on our way out of South Dakota. It was really cool to drive right by all the bears, caribou and wolves. I could have reached out my window and touched them.
This is a beach similar to the one I went to when I visited my uncle and cousins in South Carolina. It was really cool because i'd never been to a beach and I haven't been to one since.
Here are some figures from the Wax Museum in Branson, Missouri where I went on a short vacation in 2011. It was a little creey walking through all the rooms not knowing if it was a real person or a wax figurine.
This is an image of the famous Mount Rushmore near Keystone South Dakota. My family and I went to see it this last summer and it was very majestic and made me feel proud to live in America.
I chose this picture to put in my collage because it is so different from the landscapes from our home. Bad Lands National Park, South Dakota.
Reptile Gardens is a very odd, but very intresting place in my opinion. I got to see a giant salt water crocodile named Maniac. Its near Rapid City, South Dakota.
This is an image I took of a three-legged tiger named Mya in the Henry Doorly Zoo located in Omaha Nebraska. I chose this picture it was a realy cool zoo and I took this picture myself.

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